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Boy Meets World - About

Boy Meets World Cast (1993)Boy Meets World was a 1990s American sitcom which focused on Cory Matthew as he grew up in Philadelphia. The show followed Cory, his on-and-off girlfriend and true love Topanga, his best friend Shawn Hunter, and his goofy older brother Eric, as they grew up with the help of Cory and Eric's parents, Alan and Amy, and his teacher and next door neighbor Mr. Feeny. Boy Meets World ran from September 24, 1993 to May 5, 2000 on the ABC network as part of its TGIF line-up.

Boy Meets World Cast (1993)


Boy Meets World starred Ben Savage as Cory Matthews, William Daniels as Mr. Feeny, Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter, Will Friedle as Eric Matthews, Betsy Randle as Amy Matthews, and William Russ as Alan Matthews. After first appearing as a guest star during the show's first season, Danielle Fishel starred as Topanga Lawrence from Season 2 through to the end of the show. Lee Norris was a cast member during the first season as geeky classmate Stuart Minkus. Lily Nicksay was the original Morgan Matthews, starring in Seasons 1 and 2. Lindsay Ridgewell joined the cast as Morgan during Season 3, and played the role through the series end.

Anthony Tyler Quinn joined the cast at the beginning of Season 2 as Jonathan Turner, a cool motorcycle-riding teacher at John Adams High. Alex Desert was a cast member during the third and fourth seasons as Eli Williams, a fellow teacher and friend of Jonathan Turner. Mr. Turner and Mr. Williams both left the show at the end of its fourth season. At the start of the fifth season, Matthew Lawrence joined the cast as Jack Hunter, Shawn's half-brother, and Eric's new roommate. After appearing in a few episodes as a guest star, Trina McGee (then credited as Trina McGee-Davis) joined the cast partway through the fifth season as Angela Moore. Maitland Ward joined at the start of the sixth season as Rachel.

Boy Meets World Cast (1993)

Season 1

The first season of Boy Meets World follows Cory Matthews as a sixth-grader taught by Mr. Feeny, who is also his next door neighbor. Many episodes focus on Mr. Feeny's lessons in the class room and Cory's discomfort at having his teacher live next door. During the season, Cory's relationship with Eric changes as Eric gets more interested in girls and less interested in spending time with his brother.

Over the course of the season, Cory spends more time with Topanga and realizes he may have feelings for her. After being teamed up with Topanga on a school project, Topanga and Cory share their first kiss by the locker. Later that season, Cory asks Topanga out on a date, but he back out feigning illness. When Topanga comes around to bring him soup, they hang out by playing laundry basketball. Cory feels a spark when they touch hands.

Boy Meets World Cast (1994)

Season 2

Season two follows Cory, Shawn and Topanga as they start a new year in a new school with new teachers and new problems. Cory and Shawn are initially excited by the prospects of a cool, new teacher, Mr. Turner, but soon realize that underneath the biker jacket and earring, he's not that different to Mr. Feeny. Their erstwhile teacher, meanwhile, returns as the principal of John Adams High. Cory and Shawn's desire to make a name for themselves at John Adams High lands them in trouble and attracts the attention of a group of bullies. Throughout the season, Cory and Shawn navigate the world of dating as they hook up, make out, and break up. Cory and Topanga's friendship is threatened when they accidentally spend the night together at school, fuelling rumors that hurt Topanga's reputation while Cory basks in the adulation from his male classmates.

When Shawn's mother runs away, Shawn's dad, Chet Hunter, decides to travel the country looking for his wife. Shawn initially moves in with the Matthews, but feeling unwanted by both his own family and his adoptive family, he tries to leave. Mr. Turner stops Shawn from running away from the Matthews house and invites Shawn to stay with him.

Boy Meets World Cast (1995)

Season 3

In the third season, Cory and Topanga's relationship takes one step forward and one step back. As Cory tries to work up the courage to ask Topanga out, Shawn beats him to the punch. After Cory realizes Shawn was simply prompting him to ask Topanga out, Cory finally does. Cory and Topanga's relationship is short-lived, though, when Cory blurts out that he loves her.  With his high school graduation approaching, Eric tries to step up his game so he can get into college.

Cory and Topanga get back together, only to later realize their relationship is in a rut, leading to another break-up. Having realized he still has strong feelings for Topanga, Cory and Shawn follow her to Disney World where Cory tries to win her back. Cory and Eric are forced to confront the state of their relationship as Eric is set to head off to college.

Boy Meets World Cast (1996)

Season 4

After a summer traveling the country together, Cory is shocked when Eric doesn't want to return home. When Eric does return to Philadelphia, he is forced to consider where his life is going - whether he is ready to give up on going to college and join the work force instead. Alan makes a big career decision when he quits the grocery store and, with Amy's help, goes into business for himself.

Cory's need to please everyone lands him in hot water with Topanga when he misses most of her sixteenth birthday party. Cory and Topanga's relationship faces its toughest test yet when Topanga's parents plan to move to Pittsburgh. As Cory is left heartbroken when Topanga moves away, Topanga runs back to Pittsburgh to be with him. Topanga's aunt lets Topanga finish out her school days in Philadelphia.

Shawn's family situation improves when he moves back to his dad's trailer and his mother returns home. After Shawn falls under the influence of a charismatic cult leader, Shawn threatens to turn his back on his true friends. When Mr. Turner is injured in a motorcycle accident, Shawn realizes which relationships really matter to him.

Boy Meets World Cast (1997)


Season 5

Eric heads off to college, gaining a new friend in roommate Jack Hunter. Shawn is angry to see Jack, h 6 is half-brother, who ignored Shawn's many letters to him. Jack explains his step-father never gave him any letters from Shawn, so he presumed Shawn wasn't interested in knowing him. Despite Shawn's initial anger towards Jack, Chet Hunter convinced him it would be best for Shawn to get to know with Jack, so Shawn moves into the apartment with Jack and Eric.

Shawn, Cory and Topanga enter their final year of high school. When Shawn falls in love with a girl - based on the content of a lost handbag - he finds himself loving Angela. Despite Shawn's desire to keep their relationship to a strict two week limit, his feelings for Angela are strong enough for him to start his first long-term relationship. When a group of jilted ex-girlfriends confront Shawn about his past behavior, he vows to be a better boyfriend to Angela.

When Cory injures himself on a school ski trip, he spends the night talking to a girl working at the ski lodge. Cory and Lauren share a kiss, which Cory doesn't tell Topanga bout. After Topanga finds a letter from Lauren which reveals the truth, she and Cory break up. After some time apart, they both realize they were meant for each other and get back together. With their relationships back on track, Cory and Topanga and Shawn and Angela have prom night, with the usual questions over whether they're ready to take things to the next level. With two kids soon to be at college, Alan and Amy unexpectedly find themselves expecting.

As their time in high school comes to an end, the gang are heading in separate directions after Shawn decides against going to college and Topanga is accepted at Yale. Even Mr. Feeny makes a decision when he chooses to retire. After Topanga decides to commit to Cory by choosing to go to Pennbrook instead of Yale, she proposes to him at their high school graduation.

Boy Meets World Cast (1998)

Season 6

Following Topanga's shock proposal, Cory finally says yes. After seeking the advice of his family and friends, who don't all support them, Cory and Topanga decide to run away and elope. When they reach the wedding chapel, they realize it isn't how they saw their big day happening.

With Shawn moving out to share a college apartment with Cory, Eric and Jack get the roommate of their dreams in Rachel. When Cory, Shawn, Topanga and Angela start college at Pennbrook, Cory gets in over his head and ends up running back to an old friend for support.

With college going well, a good relationship with his brother, and a stable girlfriend, things are going well for Shawn. When his father shows up and says he's decided to stick around and spend time with his sons, Shawn can't bring himself to believe his father. When Chet collapses in the apartment, he's rushed to hospital. In his hospital bed, Chet asks Alan to look after his boys when he's gone - to Vegas. Chet overhears Shawn talking about his childhood where Chet was routinely absent.  Shawn wonders why Chet couldn't just stick around. Shawn asks if Chet if he wasn't good enough for him, but Chet says he wasn't good enough for Shawn. As Chet vows this time he isn't going anywhere this time, he suffers another heart attack and dies.

After Chet's death, Jack finds himself helped through the grief by Rachel, leaving Eric feeling like a third wheel. Shawn travels the country to get his mind off his dad's death, but he realizes Chet is still present in his life.

When Alan and Amy's baby is born prematurely, the doctors are concerned he won't make it. Amy doesn't give up hope and, after naming their son Joshua, he pulls through.

As Topanga and Cory move towards setting a wedding date, their wedding plans are thrown in doubt when Topanga's parents come to town and announce they're getting divorced. While Topanga sours on the notion of true love, Mr. Feeny marries his true love, Dean Lila Bolander.

Season 7

Boy Meets World Cast (1999)Following the separation of Topanga's parents, Cory tries to get them back together and convince Topanga that their wedding shouldn't be called off. Shawn tries to win back Angela, who dumped him after Topanga's parents split. Eric and Jack find themselves in search of a new apartment after Topanga and Angela take over their apartment with Rachel.

Despite frayed nerves as Cory and Topanga's big day approaches, with some dubious help from Eric their wedding goes off without a hitch. After a wonderful honeymoon, though, Cory and Topanga find that married life isn't as perfect as they had imagined. After a series of pranks, the guy's friendships are called into question, but they eventually realize what their friendships mean to them and vow to remain friends.

Shawn is forced to say goodbye to Angela when her father returns to take her away to Europe for a year. When Topanga lands a job in New York City, Cory must consider leaving Philadelphia. With Cory and Topanga set to leave, Shawn, Jack, Eric and Rachel all make plans to move on and say goodbye to Philly.