Auggie Matthews

Auggie Matthews

Auggie Matthews is the five-year-old son of Cory and Topanga. As the youngest member of the Matthews family, Auggie has a close relationship with his dad, with whom he shares a lot of characteristics, his mom, who he spends the most time with, and his older sister. At times, Auggie has felt left out as Riley is growing up up quickly and doesn't have as much time for her younger brother as he would like. Despite his status as the baby of the family, Topanga still worries her little man is maturing too quickly, especially since he already has a "girlfriend" in Ava.

Season 1

When Auggie claimed not to like his favorite TV show any more and wanted to give up his favorite stuffed toy, Topanga and Cory worried he was growing up too quickly. Auggie felt the need to be more mature since he was "dating" Ava, a six-year-old girl who lives in their apartment building. Riley helped her brother see that it's important to be a child as long as you can.

Auggie had a close bond with Mrs. Svorski who ran a local bakery. When Mrs. Svorski was facing eviction, Auggie's love of the bakery pushed Topanga to look inside herself and see what's right. Topanga gave Mrs. Svorski money for a stake in the restaurant, so Mrs. Svorski could keep the bakery going.

When Ava told Auggie they might meet other people in the future, Auggie feared his relationship with Ava might not last as long as that of his parents. Topanga realized her storied relationship with Cory might have been having a negative effect on Auggie. Riley helped Auggie see that since Ava didn't actually break up with him, he still can have hope for their relationship.

When Cory and Topanga went out for the night to celebrate their anniversary, Auggie was delighted that Riley was going to babysit him for the first time. Auggie's excitement at spending the evening with his sister vanished when Riley invited Maya over and wasn't interested in playing with him. After Cory and Topanga decide not to go out and instead watch over their kids, Auggie told them he didn't want Riley as a sister any more. Rather than intervene, Cory and Topanga waited for Riley to learn the lesson herself. Riley eventually realized she should have spent the time with her little brother.

Season 2

Auggie learnt about loss and appreciating the people around you while you can when Mrs. Svorski passed away. When Auggie made a new friend, Dewey (which he pronounced Doy), Topanga's insistence on being right threatened Auggie's friendship. After Riley and Maya snuck out to attend a party that Uncle Josh was attending, Auggie lied to cover for Riley and was grounded for one week. When Ava was worried that she was losing Auggie to a nicer girl, she tried to be more friendly and polite around him. Unhappy with her new personality, Auggie admitted he likes her just the way she is.