Cory Matthews

Cory Matthews was first introduced as an eleven-year-old boy on Boy Meets World. Cory was an average kid: he was interested in sports, not particularly gifted academically, and he loved his family but quite often didn't understand them. On Boy Meets World, Cory grew and developed a lasting love with Topanga, whom he latter married. At Cory's side was his best friend and occasional trouble maker, Shawn Hunter. To this day, Cory and Shawn's bro-mance is  strong enough that even Topanga sometimes wonders who Cory really loves more. A guiding influence in Cory's life has been his former teacher and next door neighbor, Mr. Feeny. Mr. Feeny's lasting influence is clearly seen in Cory's decision to become a teacher in Girl Meets World, and Cory continues to call upon his mentor.

Boy Meets World - The Early Years

Cory - Season 1

Boy Meets World began with Cory Matthews in Mr. Feeny's sixth-grade class. Cory often wondered why his parents chose to live next door to his teacher. Cory's antics in Mr. Feeny's class would occasionally land him in trouble, and it's fair to say Cory wasn't academically focused. Even as Cory began to experience feelings for girls, including Topanga, he struggled to understand why his big brother Eric was now ignoring him in favor of spending time with members of the opposite sex.

In the second season of Boy Meets World, Cory, Shawn and Topanga moved to a new school. Cory and Shawn's excitement at a new school and new teachers dissipated when their cool new teacher, Mr. Turner, turned out to be "Feeny with an earring". Things got worse for Cory when he met the new principal, none other than George Feeny. As Cory and Shawn entered the world of dating, Cory was uncomfortable with the new feelings and hair in strange places - at one point fearing he was turning into a werewolf. Cory and Topanga were forced to confront very adult speculation after they innocently spent the night together at school. 

Cory - Season 3

In the third season, after Shawn prompted Cory to ask Topanga out, he finally did and the pair started dating. Their relationship came to a quick, sudden end when Cory blurted out that he loved Topanga. Cory and Topanga got back together again, only to break up when they both realized they were in a rut. When Cory realized he still had feelings for Topanga, he followed her to Disney World to win her back. When Mr. Feeny caught Cory and Shawn in his mountain lodge, the pair saw a more personal side of their teacher. When Eric was ready to head off to college, he and Cory were left to examine the state of their relationship - with Cory accusing Eric of being a bad brother. When Eric didn't get in to college, he invited Cory along for a summer road trip.

Cory and Topanga's relationship faced its biggest test yet when Topanga's parents moved her to Pittsburgh. As Cory was left heartbroken, Topanga ran away back to Philadelphia to be Cory. Topanga's aunt let her finish out her school days in Philly, where she could be with Cory.

Boy Meets World - The Later Years

Cory - Season 5

On a school trip to a ski lodge, Cory injured himself and was forced to stay in the cabin instead of skiing. While there, he met Lauren, a lodge worker, whom he bonded with. After they spent the whole night talking to each other, Cory and Lauren kissed. Not wanting to jeopardize his relationship with Topanga, Cory did not tell her about the kiss - only admitting he spent the night talking with Lauren. Without Cory's knowledge, Lauren wrote him a letter expressing her feelings for him and placed it in his bag before he left the lodge. Topanga found the letter and later read it, uncovering Cory's deception about the kiss.

When Lauren visited Philadelphia, Topanga told Cory that if they need to talk then he should talk to Lauren. Cory followed Topanga's advice and took Lauren out, where he felt nothing for her. Afterwards, when he spoke to Topanga, she broke up with him. Not because Cory stayed up all night or kissed Lauren, or even that he lied about it, but because he had to go out on a date with Lauren to find out how he felt about Topanga. After meeting a guy at an art exhibit, Topanga went on a date with him and found him charming. After they kissed, however, she felt nothing and finally understood how somebody could kiss somebody and have it mean nothing. Cory and Topanga got back together. Later, on their prom night, Cory and Topanga eventually decided against taking their relationship to the next level physically.

Cory - Season 6

As Cory, Topanga, Shawn and Angela approached the end of their time in high school, Cory was upset to learn Topanga was considering going to Yale - a school Cory could never hope to get into. Cory was disappointed when Shawn considered not going to college at all, throwing away Cory's hope of a world where everything stayed the same and the friends all went to the same college together. After Topanga grappled with the issue of where she should go to college, she settled on a bold commitment to Cory. At their high school graduation, Topanga told Cory she had a good reason not to go to Yale and asked him to marry her.

Following their graduation, Cory was reluctant to stand in the way of Topanga's dream of going to Yale. Perhaps for the first time in their relationship, Topanga was the more committed and certain one than Cory. When Cory's family didn't support their engagement, Cory and Topanga ran away to elope. However, when they got to the wedding chapel, Topanga was unable to say yes at the altar. After breaking the news that they didn't get married to their family, Cory and Topanga decided that they would get married when they are ready.

Cory - Season 6

After Eric and Rachel beat Cory and Topanga in the "Fiancee Game", they decided they needed to get to know each other better before they married. When Topanga temporarily moved into Cory's student accommodation, they were both surprised at each other's annoying habits. As they tentatively planned their wedding, Topanga's parents came to town with a surprise announcement: they were getting divorced. Topanga's faith in marriage was wrecked, leading her to call off her engagement to Cory.

Despite his best efforts, Cory failed to put Topanga's parents back together, so Topanga no longer believed in true love. Eventually Topanga's mother, seeing how much Cory loved her, pleaded with Topanga to not let her parents' failed marriage mar her love for Cory. With her faith in love restored, Topanga got back together with Cory and began to plan their wedding again.

When best man Shawn grew tired of Cory's incessant demands, he quit as best man, leaving Eric to fill the role. Despite the huge potential for things to go badly wrong in Eric's hands, he surprisingly pulled off an impressive wedding for Topanga and Cory - even if it was intended for somebody else. At the ceremony, Shawn turned up with the rings, but he and Cory broke down in an emotional argument. After Cory and Shawn came to accept that married life will inevitably change their friendship, Shawn gave Cory his blessing.

Cory - Season 7

After Cory and Topanga got back to the honeymoon suite and were ready to make the most of married life, the police busted them for impersonating the Peterman family . Having ruined their wedding night, Eric attempted to make it up to them on their honeymoon. Cory and Topanga enjoyed their island retreat so much they considered never returning home to Philadelphia, until Eric's interference reminded them of all the people waiting for them at home.

When they returned from their honeymoon, married life was far less glamorous than Cory and Topanga had expected. They moved into a dingy apartment in the married section of the university accommodation. Despite their inital trepidation and desire to run back to their parents, Cory and Topanga learned to accept their surroundings and work to improve them. When Topanga got a better paying job than him, Cory had to come to terms with the reality that she was likely to out earn him for the rest of their life.

After a seemingly harmless prank escalated into an all out war, Cory and the gang's friendships were at risk. Eric bandied them together to make them see that their friendship was more important and that by losing one friend, they would lose themselves. As their time at college came to an end, Topanga was offered an internship in New York City. Cory knew he had to support her and so they decided to leave Philadelphia. The rest of the group were all ready to start a new life so they too left Philly behind.

Girl Meets World

Cory - Girl Meets World

Cory is now a teacher at John Quincy Adams in New York City and is a parent to two children, Riley and Auggie, with Topanga. Cory is Riley's teacher at school and his lessons generally extend not just to the class room, but also the kids' personal lives. One of the main struggles for Cory is seeing his children grow up, with Riley entering the dating world and maturing. Cory's lasting bro-mance with Shawn is clear to see whenever Shawn visits Philly.