Farkle Minkus

Farkle MinkusFarkle Minkus is a thirteen-year-old high school student at John Quincy Adams High. Farkle is classmates and close friends with Riley Matthews, Maya Hart and Lucas Friar. Farkle is academically-gifted and eccentric. Despite his sweetness to those close to him, he does sometimes dream of world domination. Farkle is the son of Stuart Minkus, who was at one time classmates with his teacher Cory Matthews. Farkle is very similar to how his father was at his age.

Farkle has expressed his love for both Riley and Maya. Farkle has described Riley as the sun, warm and bright, who lights up his whole day. He described Maya as the night, dark and mysterious.

Season 1

When Farkle stole the show for all the wrong reasons in the school's production of Romeo and Juliet, Riley lied to Farkle about his acting skills so he wouldn't be upset. After learning a lesson about the truth, Riley eventually told Farkle her honest opinion of his acting. Farkle was initially disappointed, but Farkle made up with Riley and even tried to sneak a kiss from her - though he missed.

After defeating Farkle in another school debate, Isadora Smackle asked Riley and Maya for help to win Farkle's affection. Riley and Maya made Smackle over, but Farkle saw through the act and realized it was just a ploy for their upcoming debate about whether beauty is only skin deep. As Smackle won another debate, she told Farkle he was deeply beautiful.

When Cory split his class into two competing companies, Farkle teamed up with Riley for a purely profit-driven company. Lucas and Maya's company was founded on good social ethics.  Farkle and Riley got the school addicted to sugar-filled muffins. Farkle then merged the two companies, firing Riley and Maya. When Evelyn Rand, an eccentric billionaire, came to class to support Riley and Maya's idea for a non-profit umbrella foundation, she gave Farkle a dollar that somebody came through with hard work. She told Farkle not to keep the dollar, as it won't fix him if he keeps it. Farkle also learned an appreciation for hard work when he and Lucas were assigned to shadow the school janitor, Janitor Harley.

When Farkle absent from class, Cory and the kids wondered where he was. Having just won an award for confidence, Farkle was hiding out in Janitor Harley's store room. When his classmates found him, Farkle eventually admitted he wasn't going to class because somebody picked on him for being different. Another kid in the class, Billy Ross, mocked him about his turtleneck. Farkle's friends rallied around him to show how everybody has flaws, and admitting your flaws will stop somebody trying to use their against you.

When Cory taught the class about the different types of government, Farkle was excited about being "elected" dictator. Lucas helped run Farkle's campaign to build a new Farkle nation. Despite the contest pitting the friends against each other, Riley and Maya eventually did a good deed for Lucas. Seeing the friends support each other, Farkle decided against being a dictator as they don't have friends.

When Farkle was nominated for an award, he was forced to decide which of the girls he wanted to take as his guest. Although Riley and Maya were not initially interested in going with Farkle, after he stood up for them from two overly interested guys on the subway, they both decided they wanted to join him. Seeing how the rivalry was hurting his two friends, Farkle eventually decided not to take either of them as he didn't want to hurt his two best friends.

When Lucas sought Cory's permission to ask Riley out on a date, Cory agreed on the proviso that Maya and Farkle would join them. Although Maya didn't view it as a date with Farkle, he certainly did. After Riley and Lucas shared their first kiss, Farkle tried to kiss Maya, though she put her hand out to stop him. When Farkle kissed her hand, Maya told him "Not bad, Farkle."

Season 2

When the class wondered where Riley and Lucas's relationship was at, Farkle admitted he couldn't see how you could kiss someone and not be with them after. He said he only kissed Maya's hand but right after he got her an engagement ring. After Farkle "proposed" to Maya, she rejected his proposal - although the very expensive ring did give her something to think about.

When Cory brought in Eric to mediate between Riley and Maya as they fought about Riley not defending Maya after Lucas called her a "short stack of pancakes", the kids admitted their insecurities. Farkle revealed that he sometimes feels like Squeaky the Mouse, and that may be where his desire for world domination comes from.