Topanga Matthews

Topanga Lawrence/MatthewsTopanga Matthews was first introduced as an eleven-year-old classmate of Cory's on Boy Meets World. Initially, Topanga was an eccentric flower child, the daughter of two hippies. As Topanga developed through high school, she became a smart, strong and independent woman.

Topanga and Cory shared their first kiss in the first season of Boy Meets World. They finally began dating during the third season of the show. Despite an initially off-again-on-again relationship, Cory and Topanga eventually married during Season 7 and remain married to this day. Despite her deep love for Cory, Topanga has at times been frustrated by his particularly close bro-mance with Shawn Hunter.

Boy Meets World - The Early Years

Season 1

The character of Topanga was initially meant to be a one episode role, but she became a recurring character during Boy Meets World's first season. Danielle Fishel appeared as Topanga in eleven episodes during the first season. Topanga was originally a weird, hippy geek who Cory and Shawn would make fun of. In Cory and Shawn's view, Topanga was much like a female version of Stuart Minkus.

When Mr. Feeny teamed Cory up with Topanga on a school assignment, Cory was uncomfortable in her geeky circle of friends. After Cory had a hair disaster after his attempt to straighten his hair, he began to appreciate his different set of friends. After the assignment was over, Topanga kissed Cory. It was the first kiss for the both of them.

When the class watched a video about puberty, Shawn asked a girl out for the first time. Although Cory didn't have any interest in dating, he felt pressured to keep up with his classmates, so he asked Topanga out on a date. When Cory had second thoughts about dating Topanga, he canceled the date by claiming to be sick. After Topanga visited his house with soup to make him feel better, they spent the afternoon playing laundry basketball and accidentally touched hands - creating a spark which worried Cory.

Season 2

When Topanga and Cory accidentally fell asleep at school while working on a class project, adult rumors spread about them - which Cory was more than happy to indulge. Topanga confronted Cory and made him see how the hurtful rumors that were improving his macho image were coming at the expense of her reputation.

After seeing Cory pine after Topanga without ever making a move, Shawn asked Topanga out on a date, which she accepted. Cory's anger at his friend dissipated when it became clear he was only trying to push him to finally express his feelings for Topanga. Cory eventually asked Topanga to be his girlfriend and she agreed. Cory and Topanga's first relationship was short-lived, ending when Cory prematurely said "I Love You" and Topanga couldn't say the same back.

When Topanga and Cory got back together, they quickly slipped into a rut, acting like an old married couple. After Cory and Topanga both took a night off from their relationship, they inadvertently found themselves at a party both pretending to be somebody else. Despite both having second thoughts, Cory and Topanga broke up and went on to date other people. After Cory realized he still had feelings for Topanga, he followed her to Disney World to win her back. Following Cory's persistent campaign, he and Topanga got back together.

Season 4

Cory and Topanga's relationship survived her anger when Cory missed most of her sweet-sixteen birthday party. Topanga trusted that Cory would only have missed the party if he had a good reason to and thought he was helping someone. Cory and Topanga faced the biggest test in their relationship when Topanga's parents were moving her to Pittsburgh. After she moved away, Topanga ran back to Philadelphia to be with Cory. Topanga's aunt agreed to let her finish out her school days in Philadelphia with Cory.

Boy Meets World - The Later Years

When the class went on a school trip to a ski lodge, Cory injured himself and was forced to stay inside the cabin, where he met Lauren. Cory and Lauren instantly bonded and spent a whole night talking. The next morning, before Topanga got up, Lauren kissed Cory. Cory told Topanga they spent the night together, but did not tell her about the kiss. Without Cory's knowledge, Lauren slipped a letter into his backpack before they left the ski lodge, which Topanga found and later read.

Season 5

When Topanga learned of Cory's deception about his kiss with Lauren, she didn't know whether she could trust him. As Cory tried to win back Topanga's trust, Lauren visited Philadelphia and Topanga found Cory talking to her. Topanga told Cory that Lauren came a long way to speak to him and, if he felt he needed to speak to her, he should. Cory spent an afternoon with Lauren in the park. When Cory explained to Topanga that, after spending time with Lauren, he now recognized that nobody else could make him love Topanga less, she broke up with him. Topanga explained that she didn't need to go on a date with someone else to know how she felt about Cory.

While broken up from Cory, Topanga met a guy, Ricky, at an art exhibit and hit it off. After a date with Ricky, Topanga realized how much she was in love with Cory Matthews and wanted to be. She told Cory that she now understood how you could kiss somebody else and have it not mean anything.

Season 5

After getting back together, Cory and Topanga enjoyed their prom where they were crowned prom king and queen. Despite feeling pressure to take their relationship to the next level on prom night, Cory and Topanga decided it wasn't the right time. As their time in high school drew to an end, Topanga received an offer to attend Yale university, somewhere Cory would have no hope of getting accepted. Cory's dream was for them to go to college together, even if it meant Topanga giving up the chance to attend a great college. After much deliberation, Topanga realized she had a good reason for not going to Yale - her love of Cory. At their high school graduation, Topanga proposed to Cory.

Following Topanga's proposal to Cory, he was initially uncomfortable being the reason Topanga wouldn't go to Yale. After Topanga convinced him it was what she really wanted, Cory accepted her proposal. When Cory's family and friends were not supportive of their engagement, Cory and Topanga ran away to elope. At the wedding chapel they both had reservations and so they returned home unmarried. Topanga and Cory decided to remain engaged but not rush towards a wedding until they were ready. After Eric and Rachel beat Cory and Topanga in the "Fiancee Game", they decided they should get to know each other more before they got married. When Topanga temporarily moved in with Cory, they were both surprised at each other's icky habits.

As Cory and Topanga made initial plans for their wedding, Topanga's parents came to town with a surprise announcement: they were getting divorced. Topanga's faith in marriage was wrecked so she called off her engagement to Cory. Despite his best efforts, Cory failed to put Topanga's parents back together. Seeing her daughter's faith in marriage lost, Topanga's mother pleaded with Topanga to not let her parents' failed marriage color her view of love and her relationship with Cory. With her faith in love eventually restored, Topanga got back together with Cory and they started to plan their wedding again.

Season 7

After Shawn quit as best man, Cory and Topanga's wedding was in the hands of his brother Eric. Much to everyone's surprise, Eric pulled off an impressive wedding for Topanga and Cory - even if it was originally intended for somebody else. Following the wedding, when Cory and Topanga were ready to make the most of married life in the honeymoon suite, the police busted them for stealing the Petermans' wedding. Having ruined their wedding night, Eric tried to make it up to Cory and Topanga on their honeymoon. Cory and Topanga enjoyed their island retreat so much they considered never returning home to Philadelphia, until Eric tactfully worked to remind them of all the people waiting for them back home.

Married live was less serene than Cory and Topanga had expected. When the university moved them into a dilapidated apartment, Cory and Topanga learned to accept their surroundings and work to improve them. When they entered the work force, Topanga got a better paying job than Cory. Cory had to come to terms with the likelihood that Topanga would out earn him.

As their time at college came to an end, Topanga was offered an internship in New York City. Despite Cory's aversion to change, he realized he had to support Topanga in her career. When Topanga decided not to take the internship, Cory thought Topanga did so for him. Mr. Feeny helped Cory understand that Topanga was also scared that, after succeeding in everything she did in Philadelphia, she might not be as successful in New York at a prestigious law firm. After Cory told Topanga he wanted to move to New York, Topanga asked if Cory would do that for her. Cory told her he would do anything for her.

Girl Meets World

Season 1

Topanga is now a successful lawyer and bakery-store owner, juggling her career with her home life. Topanga is married to Cory Matthews and is the mother of two children, Riley and Auggie. Topanga is frequently the buffer between Cory and Riley, who sometimes feels her dad is too pervasive in her life.

Topanga, like Cory, occasionally struggles with how quickly their children are growing up. In Topanga's case, she's often particularly worried about her little man, Auggie, who seems like he's paired off with Ava. Topanga and Auggie had a special friendship with Mrs. Svorski who ran the bakery. Mrs. Svorski called on Topanga to help her keep the shop alive and, when she passed away, Topanga took over the bakery.