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Girl Meets World Characters

Boy Meets World Characters

A number of Boy Meets World characters have reprised their roles on Girl Meets World. William Daniels had a short cameo in the pilot episode of Girl Meets World and has since appeared in two episodes of the show's second season. Lee Norris appeared as Stuart Minkus in "Girl Meets Maya's Mother" and is set to reprise his role again during Season 2. Danny McNulty has guest starred as Harley Keiner, now a janitor at the school, in three episodes, so far. William Russ and Betsy Randle returned as Alan and Amy Matthews in the first season episode, "Girl Meets Home for the Holidays". Rider Strong appeared in two episodes during the first season and has since appeared in two episodes of the second season.

Will Friedle returned as Eric Matthews in the second season and has so far appeared in two episodes. Trina McGee reprised her role as Angela Moore in "Girl Meets Hurricane", with Blake Clark returning as Chet Hunter in the same episode.

Anthony Tyler Quinn is set to return as Jonathan Turner in the second season episode "Girl Meets the New Teacher". Matthew Lawrence will also be returning to the show later this season.

Recurring Characters

Farkle Minkus was originally a recurring character on Girl Meets World. Corey Fogelmanis was promoted to a regular on the show during its first season. Ava Kolker has guest starred as Ava, Auggie's girlfriend, in seven episodes. Cheryl Texiera has appeared as Maya's mother, Katy Hart, in five episodes. Jackee has guest starred in three episodes of the show as Evelyn Rand. Amir Mitchell-Townes has made three appearances as Zay Babineaux, a new student who knew Lucas back in Texas, so far this season. Cloris Leachman guest starred as bakery owner Mrs. Svorski in two episodes of Girl meets World.