Episode Tournament: Winner


'Graduation' - Season 5, Episode 24

It's time for the class to graduate, but Mr. Feeny gives them one more assignment: to write about their feelings as their high-school days come to an end. Topanga seeks Mr. Feeny's help about whether she should go to Yale, while Shawn comes to realize his time at John Adams High meant more to him than he first thought.

Air Date: May 15th 1998.

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Tournament Recap

GraduationStarry NightRaging CoryProm-ises, Prom-isesA Very Topanga ChristmasFirst Girlfriends ClubEric HollywoodAnd Then There Was Shawn
GraduationProm-ises, Prom-isesA Very Topanga ChristmasAnd Then There Was Shawn
GraduationAnd Then There Was Shawn

Winner's Voting Results

Round Opponent Winner's Votes Winner's Share
1 Starry Night 22 84.62%
2 Prom-ises, Prom-ises 14 82.35%
3 And Then There Was Shawn 25 75.76%
The winner received 61 votes in total; 16.44% of all the votes

Tournament Statistics

Round Votes Winner's Round Share
Nominations Round 112 10.00%
Knock-out Round 1 73 30.14%
Knock-out Round 2 35 40.00%
Knock-out Round 3 33 75.76%
371 votes cast in this tournament