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On the Fence Boy Meets World - Season 1, Episode 2
Aired October 1, 1993

On the Fence

Cory learns about the value of money and work when he agrees to paint Mr. Feeny's fence so he can afford to buy an expensive water gun. After Cory rushes the job and has to do it over, Alan teaches Cory another important lesson about the importance of staying a kid.

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Guest Stars: DeJuan Guy as Ellis

Written by: Jeff Sherman

Directed by: David Trainer

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Quotes (15)

Alan: You had to have a house. Remember the apartment? Remember before the children? Before we were married? Before we knew each other? Remember how happy we were?
*Amy kicks Alan*
Alan: Remember when you know when I was kidding?

Cory: I think you'll like my paper. What a major freakoid that Ed Poe must have been.
Mr. Feeny: You have no idea how major a freakoid.

Cory: I was thinking. Autumn's here and winter's just around the corner.
Mr. Feeny: That's typically the pattern.

Alan: That's pretty steep, though. Maybe for Christmas.
Cory: Great, a water gun in December. I'll be the little boy spreading pneumonia.

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