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Father Knows Less Boy Meets World - Season 1, Episode 3
Aired October 8, 1993

Father Knows Less

After Alan wakes Cory up late at night to watch a baseball game, Cory falls asleep at school and fails a test. Mr. Feeny refuses to let Cory make up the test, leading to a disagreement between Alan and Mr. Feeny, who both believe they did the right thing.

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Guest Stars: Willie Garson as Leonard Spinelli, Thomas Wilson Brown as TV Announcer

Written by: April Kelly

Directed by: David Trainer

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Quotes (11)

Alan: Are we talking about a fire, Lenny?
Lenny: Yes, but there is no problem for you.
Alan: How much of the store is left?
Lenny: St-

Alan: I was thinking I'll go have a talk with Mr. Feeny. I'll explain it to him, get him to let Cory take a make up test.
Amy: Oh, I'm so glad. Because until you do, you're grounded.
Cory: Does that really work? Can she ground you?
Alan: In certain ways, yes.

Cory: Hey, this is apple juice!
Mr. Feeny: Oh, gee, I must have left it in there too long.

Cory: Aww, dad. You got Feen'd.

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