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Grandma was a Rolling Stone Boy Meets World - Season 1, Episode 7
Aired November 12, 1993

Grandma was a Rolling Stone

Cory's grandmother rolls into to town and promises to take him to get his new baseball card signed, but Cory is disappointed when she doesn't show up. Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny's niece is in town and Eric tries to impress her, and Alan takes Shawn on a fishing trip.

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Guest Stars: Rue McClanahan as Bernice Matthews, Keri Russell as Jessica

Written by: Ed Decter, John J. Strauss

Directed by: David Trainer

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Quotes (20)

Bernice Matthews: Who is this guy?
Cory: My teacher.
Bernice Matthews: Does he give you straight As?
Cory: No.
Bernice Matthews: And why not?
Mr. Feeny: Have you talked to the boy?

Alan: Your brother's discovered girls, he can't sit still. When you're Eric's age and you can't sit still, I'll take Morgan. It's the endless cycle of fishing.
Cory: And what about after Morgan?
Alan: Well then I'll just be some guy in a fishing hat with a lot of boring stories.

Eric: Told her we could maybe take a drive when I get my license. She laughed, but it was a flirty laugh.

Eric: It's Feeny's niece. She's unbelievable. I've got to think. I've got to think. I've got to take her to a world she's never been to before. Dinner. Movie. Movie. Dinner. This has to be perfectly orchestrated or -- Weasel!

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