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Girl Meets Smackle Girl Meets World - Season 1, Episode 8
Aired September 12, 2014

Girl Meets Smackle

Smackle, a debate chairman from another school, enlists Maya and Riley's help to give her a makeover to attract Farkle's attention.

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Guest Stars: Cecilia Balagot as Smackle, Nathaniel James Potvin as Academic Top Half, Kamran Allahverdy as Academic Bottom Half

Written by: Teresa Kale

Directed by: Ben Savage

Viewers: 2.37 million Adults 18-49 Rating: 0.5/0

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Quotes (19)

Lucas: Is this debate team?
Farkle: No, it's the After-school Male Models club.

Riley: Oh, mom, you should never assume. Didn't dad teach you that?
Maya: Yeah, don't you get the home versions of these lessons? You're married to the guy.
Topanga: Of course I do, there's just so many of them. Oh no, I married Feeny!

Lucas: Get out of detention free.
Maya: Ooh, I could use one of those. Give me that and I won't call you Ranger Rick all week.
Lucas: Here you go.
Maya: Thanks, Ranger Roy.
Lucas: Let me guess. Ranger Roy is filling in for Ranger Rick?
Maya: All week.

Auggie: She's through with me.
Topanga: Yay! Even when I think of it backwards it's still yay!

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