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Girl Meets the Forgotten Girl Meets World - Season 1, Episode 12
Aired October 10, 2014

Girl Meets the Forgotten

When the kids are assigned a special lesson on appreciation, Riley and Maya are forced to work in the school cafeteria while Lucas and Farkle are assigned janitorial duty.

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Guest Stars: Danny McNulty as Harley Keiner, Sonya Eddy as Gerlayn Thompson, Sarah Carpenter as Student #2

Written by: Jeff Menell

Directed by: Joel Zwick

Viewers: 2.61 million Adults 18-49 Rating: 0.5/0

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Quotes (20)

Topanga: What is this for?
Riley: I get up in the morning and you're already up. I go to sleep, you're still up. There's food on the table. Clean clothes. You take us where we need to go. You have a job and you still make time to take care of me and Auggie. And I know now that may not be so easy. So if I've forgotten to say thank you, I'm saying it now. Thank you. Oh, and you too, dad.

Maya: Why do they call them electives if they make us do them?
Riley: I don't know. And why do they call it shop class? That was the biggest disappointment of my little life.

Riley: Mom, you are not being very sympathetic to us.
Maya: We worked.
Riley: In a kitchen.
Maya: For forty-five minutes.
Riley: In a row.

Lucas: That's the worst elective in the school, besides Janitorial Services. (Janitor Harley walks over) Oh.

Comments (2)

Riley Mathews Australia, 20:07 Apr 12 2015.
this was a hard job to do
Maya hart United States, 20:59 Oct 1 2014.
They will make a mess in the cafeteria as you can tell in the theme song they have a picture also you should see the video for girl meets flaws if you go on the wiki they have it there they also have girl meets world of terror also on the disney website they have other videos of you realty want something good go on the wiki

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