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Girl Meets Friendship Girl Meets World - Season 1, Episode 14
Aired November 21, 2014

Girl Meets Friendship

When Cory teaches his class about various forms of government, Lucas, Riley and Farkle decide to run against each other for 7th-grade class president.

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Guest Stars: Corey Fogelmanis as Farkle, Aramis Knight as Brandon, Ricky Garcia as Asher, Joshua Hoffman as Dylan, Sarah Carpenter as Sarah

Written by: Mark Blutman

Directed by: John Whitesell

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Quotes (6)

Maya: I will never get to you, will I?
Lucas: Nope, but I sure do appreciate the effort.

Maya: I'm nominating you for something. This is your chance to be the voice of strong-willed, confident women everywhere.
Riley: I wanna be a princess.

Farkle: Dictators. Love 'em. Wanna be one some day.

Farkle: Holy moly, I got me an army.

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emma United States, 19:20 Nov 27 2015.
Hi I lobe GMW
United States, 00:22 Feb 17 2015.
I know joshua

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