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Girl Meets Master Plan Girl Meets World - Season 1, Episode 18
Aired January 16, 2015

Girl Meets Master Plan

Maya is celebrating her 14th birthday with Riley and the Matthews but is struggling with the fact her mom probably won't be able to join them. Meanwhile, Cory and Riley devise a plan to set up Maya's mom with Shawn when he pays a visit.

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Guest Stars: Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter, Cheryl Texiera as Katy Hart, Sonalii Castillo as Camille

Written by: Michael Jacobs

Directed by: Jon Rosenbaum

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Quotes (12)

Cory: Riley, you want to pull me back to into the game, then this has to be monumental. A scheme of schemes. Schemetada de schemetada.
Riley: What's that mean?
Topanga: He's making it up.

Topanga: Honey, hide the cake before Maya gets here.
Cory: You know what we should do? We should bring this cake to Maya's mother, just in case she forgot to get her own kid a cake.
Topanga: Oh. You think that could actually happen?
Cory: Honey, I grew up with Shawn Hunter. Remember his mother? She forgot where she lived! See, my biggest worry is that forgetting to give your kid a cake is the first step to forgetting where you live.

Cory: Because at least she's not-
Topanga: No, everything's fine, stop talking!
Cory: -Shawn's mother! What a cuckoo. "Err, it's Tuesday, I better run away!" You have to laugh, huh, Topanga?

Riley: We found him on the couch. Can we keep him?

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Mee Philippines, 07:09 Jan 13 2015.
Hi I'm Mee I want to watch this episode
Meghan  United States, 15:51 Jan 6 2015.
I really like The show

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