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Girl Meets Farkle's Choice Girl Meets World - Season 1, Episode 19
Aired February 6, 2015

Girl Meets Farkle's Choice

Farkle is nominated for an award and must choose who to take to the awards dinner - Riley or Maya. Meanwhile, Topanga forms a book club for Auggie and his friends.

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Guest Stars: Jane Lynch as Herself, Corey Fogelmanis as Farkle, Ava Kolker as Ava, Cecilia Balagot as Smackle, Reagan Pasternak as Judy, Samuel Caruana as Sheldon, Cody Lee as Cisco, Darby Walker as Student #1, Sarah Carpenter as Student #2

Written by: Mark Blutman

Directed by: John Whitesell

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Quotes (11)

Riley: I think it will be sad when Farkle doesn't love us both the same.
Farkle: Yes, one of you will be crushed. You will, however, receive the Farkle Home Game as a consolation prize.

Maya: Wish I could go but I don't wanna and I'm sure tickets are impossible.
Farkle: I have two.
Maya: Then I just don't wanna.

Farkle: I'm telling the world. Farkle must finally choose between the sweet angel whose smile lights up the path to goodness, or my dark demon who unleashes something within me so terrifying I really want to know what it is.

Maya: Thanks, and I'm not gonna be there when you find out what it is, Carpool.

Comments (2)

Angel B United States, 13:24 Feb 8 2015.
Love it
Meisyn McCoy  United States, 19:02 Feb 6 2015.
I love girl meets world so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

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