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Girl Meets the New World Girl Meets World - Season 2, Episode 2
Aired May 12, 2015

Girl Meets the New World

When Riley and Lucas's classmates question the state of their relationship following their first kiss, the pair are as confused as ever about where they stand. Unsure of where their relationship should be, Riley and Lucas feel forced into declaring themselves girlfriend and boyfriend. Meanwhile, Auggie makes a new friend, but Topanga's insistence on being right threatens to end their friendship.

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Guest Stars: Cooper Friedman as Dewey, Sarah Carpenter as Sarah, Emily Claire as Ophelia, Darby Walker as Darby

Written by: Teresa Kale

Directed by: Joel Zwick

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  • The title refers to Cory's lessons about the pilgrims arriving in the New World, which Riley and Lucas saw as a lesson on their new relationship paradigm.

Quotes (20)

Maya: Farkle kissed my hand.
Cory: You did?
Farkle: It was glorious.
Maya: It was. I went home and questioned everything.

Maya: Wait, that means I'm walking home with Farkle?
Farkle: You're wearing my ring.
Maya: Boy, the stuff you gotta do.

Topanga: Auggie, who is your nice normal friend who isn't Ava and doesn't need gifts to come over and play with you?

Farkle: All this time I've been trying to love and appreciate her, but all it took was this big hunking rock.


As Maya and Riley hang out by her bedroom window, Riley is still refusing to talk about her kiss with Lucas and what it means for their relationship. Maya's attempts to get Riley to open up are thwarted by a number of distractions. First, Farkle shows up with two tickets for a concert and a short-lived dilemma over who take, eventually settling on Riley. Then, Cory and Topanga ask them to babysit Auggie, although this distraction is also short-lived when they point out they mean the next day. Finally, Auggie approaches Riley about his worries over a new friend and whether Topanga will like him. When Maya points out that's more of a Topanga concern, Riley sends Auggie away, leaving them finally able to discuss the kiss. When Riley at last talks about the kiss, she simply wonders what happens now.

In Cory's class, he teaches a lesson about the pilgrims arriving in the New World, a new land of new feelings and opportunities. Maya and Farkle turn the lesson towards Riley and Lucas's kiss, making them uncomfortable. When Cory realizes what they're talking about, he chases Lucas out of the classroom. Elsewhere, Auggie and his friend, Dewey, talk on the couch. Topanga comes over to meet Dewey who, in her mind, is an improvement over Auggie's friend Ava. When Dewey says his name is "Doy", Topanga tries to correct him on how Dewey is pronounced, leading him to cry. Cory hears Dewey's crying and comes to take usher away from Topanga.

In the school hallway, the other kids are asking Riley and Lucas, individually, about their kiss and what it means for their relationship. Neither of them knows where they stand now, but they both feel they shouldn't conform to peer pressure and apply a label to their relationship. Not heeding their advice about taking this slow, Farkle, who got an engagement ring for Maya after he kissed her hand on the subway, proposes to her. Following the suggestion of their classmates, Riley and Lucas go on an after-school date at Topanga's bakery. Meanwhile, back in Cory and Topanga's apartment, Cory wonders why it's so important to Topanga that she's always right.

At Topanga's bakery, Riley and Lucas sit uncomfortably without saying much. They realize they're finding it harder to just talk to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, even though they know the labels don't change anything. When Farkle and Maya arrive, she accepted Farkle's proposal and is wearing the engagement ring that he took from his mother. When Lucas decides to walk Riley home, they agree to hold hands, though they know it will be weird when a group of classmates outside the bakery sees them.

Back in the apartment, Topanga eventually gives up on trying to convince Dewey that his name isn't pronounced Doy. When Riley and Lucas return home, holding hands uncomfortably, Topanga wonders what they're doing. Cory is angered to learn Topanga already knew about the kiss. Topanga convinces Riley and Lucas they shouldn't listen to their classmates and should instead focus on being good friends, rather than forcing a relationship when it doesn't feel right. After Riley and Lucas agree to break up, Lucas and Riley go out to talk - as friends. Topanga, feeling vindicated that they shouldn't just let the kids live, decides to try again with Dewey.

At Topanga's bakery again, Riley and Lucas find it a bit easier to talk to each other again. When they decide to talk about sports, Riley goes off on a rant about the New York Knicks, though she claims not to know much about sports. When they return to school, Riley and Lucas declare to their classmates that they are just friends. Although Riley and Lucas are not steaming ahead in their relationship, Farkle and Maya are decked out in wedding clothes. Elsewhere, Topanga keeps Dewey up at night in an effort to convince him his name is not pronounced Doy.

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haylee mcfadden United States, 21:22 May 11 2015.
I love the show

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