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Girl Meets the Secret of Life Girl Meets World - Season 2, Episode 3
Aired May 13, 2015

Girl Meets the Secret of Life

When an old friend of Lucas transfers to the school, his current classmates start to wonder whether they know the real Lucas. Meanwhile, the class ponders a riddle set by Cory about the meaning of life. While Riley is upset Lucas didn't trust her enough to tell her about his past, Lucas wants to put his past behind him and insists he's now a changed person since transferring to John Quincy Adams High School.

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Guest Stars: Amir Mitchell-Townes as Zay Babineaux, Shak Ghacha as Joey Ricciardella, Nicholas Jabonero as Yogi

Written by: Mark Blutman

Directed by: Rider Strong, Shiloh Strong

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  • The title refers to Cory explaining the "secret of life", which is that people change people. Cory and Topanga later say there's more than one secret.
  • This episode calls back to the Season 1 Boy Meets World episode, "Once In Love With Amy", in which Mr. Feeny set his class the same challenge about two people washing a car together.

Quotes (29)

Riley: We should sing our happy song.
Maya: We don't have a happy song.
Riley: We should have a happy song.
Maya: We will never have a happy song.
Riley: Not with that attitude.

Riley: You told me you wanted to be a veterinarian. You told me you gave birth to a horse.
Maya: That had to hurt.

Cory: So, shall we actually finally learn what happened in Belgium in 1831?
Farkle: No!
Cory: No?
Farkle: I always get my hopes up and then something happens to hurt my little Farkle heart. Well, this time I refuse to believe.

Farkle: Three minutes, twenty-five seconds.
Cory: Wrong!
Farkle: I'm sorry. What did you just say?
Cory: You're wrong.
Farkle: I'm wrong? You're a history teacher teaching English, math, Science, whatever else you've got going on at home. You waltz your wife in here on career day.
Cory: She's a respected attorney.
Farkle: My father says she should have been my mother.


Before class, Riley and Maya talk in the hallway about how Riley does not like change. After the bell rings, Cory begins to teach the class about what happened in Belgium in 1831. Farkle is excited to finally learn the truth but, after being disappointed before on this lesson, he isn't ready to trust Cory will actually teach the lesson. When a new kid, Zay, enters the classroom, he reveals himself to be an old classmate of Lucas's back in Austin, Texas. After the interruption, Farkle pushes Cory to return to the lesson plan, but Cory is interrupted by another classmate who wants to know the secret of life. Before Cory can explain, Zay is surprised to learn how Lucas is held in high esteem in the class. Zay's questioning of Lucas prompts Maya to ask why he's suggesting Lucas was different back in Texas. Cory tells Zay he knows all about Lucas's past, which horrifies Riley who isn't sure she knows who Lucas is any more. Lucas explains he had to leave Texas after being thrown out of school and he came to New York to get a new start.

At lunch, Riley tells Maya she's calm about the Lucas revelations, though Maya doesn't really believe her. When Lucas sits down, Riley questions who he is and why he didn't tell her about his past. Lucas tells Riley he can't deny what Zay said, but that he isn't proud of his past. Riley tells him she's not bothered what he did, just that he didn't trust her enough to tell her why he moved there. Still upset with Lucas, Riley then turns her anger to her dad, who knew about Lucas's secret.

Cory enters the apartment and warns Topanga and Auggie that there's a storm of anger approaching. When Riley enters in a furious mood, Topanga wishes for a sanctuary from crazy people. Topanga tells Riley that, while she wants no part of Cory's ommission - even though she too knew about Lucas's secret, she thinks if Cory's hiding something from her then he probably has good reasons to do so.

Back in the classroom, Cory sets the kids a math challenge similar to the one Mr. Feeny set for his class many years ago. Farkle is stunned to not get the right answer. Cory then explains his teaching style and why, unlike Mr. Feeny, he isn't strict and lets the class talk amongst themselves. Cory explains he could never be Mr. Feeny, he can only attempt to be as effective as he was. Returning to the challenge, Cory tells the class to try it out in the real world by washing a car in pairs.

Outside, Farkle is angry that it took Maya nearly twenty minutes to wash a car. Riley is impressed by Maya deliberately being slow in a bid to ensure nobody will ask her to wash a car again. When Farkle pairs up Riley  and Lucas, Riley's anger floods out and she sets the hose on Lucas. Promising to tell her about his past, Lucas coaxes the hose away from Riley and sprays her down. After Riley pours a bucket of water on Lucas's head, she asks him whether he's worth liking, and he tells her he is. After Farkle berates them for wasting their car washing time, Lucas and Riley use him as a sponge to dry the car. Meanwhile, after Maya and Zay talk, Zay realizes what a close bunch Riley, Maya, Farkle and Lucas are.

In Cory's classroom, he tells them there is no proper answer to the equation - except on paper, except in a math class. People change people, is the secret of life. When Zay gets in trouble outside the classroom, Lucas goes to protect his friend. Lucas confronts the bully, grabbing his hands and telling him how he could win any punching match, This time, however, Lucas decides not to use physical force to stick up for his friend.

Over dinner, Auggie and Riley, mocking Cory's carwashing equation, wonder how quickly they can annoy their parents if they work together. Cory and Topanga decide to leave and go see a movie. Topanga explains that as parents, they can do whatever they want. It's another one of the secrets of life.

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