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Girl Meets Pluto Girl Meets World - Season 2, Episode 4
Aired May 14, 2015

Girl Meets Pluto

When Farkle suggests the class make a time capsule, Cory remembers that he, Shawn and Topanga buried one back in Philadelphia. While the kids consider what important mementos they should place in their capsule, Cory enlists Shawn and Topanga's help to travel to Philadelphia to dig up their time capsule.

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Guest Stars: Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter, William Daniels as Mr. Feeny, Cheryl Texiera as Katy Hart

Written by: Matthew Nelson

Directed by: Joel Zwick

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  • The title refers to Riley learning that pluto is no longer considered a planet.
  • When Shawn and Cory shriek as they are caught by Mr. Feeny, a reel of Cory and Shawn moments, mainly from Seasons 2-4 of Boy Meets World, feature them making the same noise and expression.
  • The Feeny Call that Riley and Maya do is very similar to Eric's one from the Boy Meets World episode "Friendly Persuasions".
  • This episode calls back to the Boy Meets World episode "Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard To Do", in which an elderly Cory says "They want you to take the rolls!" in a daydream of his.
  • The episode features the jean jacket Cory gave to Topanga in the Season 3 episode "What I Meant To Say", when Cory first told Topanga he loved her but she wasn't ready to say the same back.
  • The items Shawn placed in the time capsule - lip gloss, Shakespeare sonnets and a Van Damme movie ticket - are the items Shawn discovered in a girl's handbag in "I Love You, Donna Karan". Without knowing who the girl was, Shawn fell in love with her based on the contents of the bag, later learning they belonged to Angela. That was the start of their three-year relationship.
  • This episode also references the Season 5 arc in which Cory kissed another girl, Lauren, at a ski-lodge in the episode "Heartbreak Cory". Lauren, who developed feelings for Cory, wrote him a letter explaining her love for him. That is the letter Topanga stored away in the time capsule.
  • The chronology of this episode doesn't strictly add up. Cory mentions that they buried the time capsule fifteen years ago when they were in high school. The kids left high school in 1998 and were in college in 2000.

Quotes (41)

Maya: She doesn't know because she has us.
Farkle: The Riley Committee.
Maya: The committee exists to keep certain information away from Riley.
Lucas: Like what?
Farkle: Everything really.

Cory: They want you to take the rolls!

Maya: You're supposed to be digging.
Riley: Oh, but I was digging for an hour, and all I found was this old metal box.

Riley: You know how they say Pluto isn't a planet any more?
Shawn: Yeah, I heard about that.
Riley: Doesn't that kill you?
Shawn: No.
Riley: Pluto's still out there for me.
Shawn: I don't care.


In Cory's class, he teaches the kids about how history books can be wrong and it is within each person's power to write their own history. Riley is disturbed to finally find out that Pluto is no longer considered a planet. When Cory asks the class how they will write their own history and decide what's important to them, Farkle suggests they bury a time capsule like the one that was just dug up in Boston. Cory remembers that he, Topanga and Shawn buried their own time capsule fifteen years ago.

In the apartment, Topanga is unhappy that Cory wants to drive to Philadelphia to dig up stuff from the past. She begs him to promise her that they won't be going to be Philadelphia. Cory promises they won't, but - on an unrelated note, of course - asks her where their shovels are. After Topanga tells him they don't have shovels but he could buy them at a hardware store, she makes Cory promise he won't go get shovels. After promising to not get shovels, Cory gets up to leave - telling Topanga she knows where he's going. Meanwhile, the kids gather at Topanga's cafe to decide what they'll be putting in their own time capsule. Lucas is putting a buffalo coin in but is reluctant to explain the history behind it, lest Maya mock him. Lucas eventually explains he was given the coin by his grandfather after doing well in a junior rodeo during which he rode a sheep. Farkle is putting his science trophy in the capsule, while Riley wants to put Pluto in there. Maya doesn't want to put play along, thinking it's better not to have hopes or dreams.

When Topanga returns to the apartment, she finds Cory equipped with an array of shovels, a Shovel jumper and a head flash light. Topanga asks him to promise he hasn't got Shawn involved, at the exact moment he knocks on the door. Shawn lets himself in and worryingly rushes over to Topanga and Cory, fearing one of them is sick as Cory described it as a life or death situation. Shawn is angered to find there is no emergency, just a time a capsule in Philadelphia, where Shawn already was. After Topanga holds Shawn back from hurting Cory, they go to Topanga's to pick up the kids for the journey. At the cafe, Shawn talks with Katy, Maya's mother. Cory mentions Shawn's relationship with Angela and how the time capsule might dig up old memories of their relationship. Realizing how the time capsule may affect Shawn and his potential for a relationship with Katy, Riley and Maya agree to join the trip to Philadelphia.

In Mr. Feeny's back yard, Topanga is doing most of the digging as Shawn and Cory stand back. When Maya bemoans how boring this is, Riley places a flower band on her head. After Maya tells Riley she should be digging too, Riley points out she was digging for an hour and only found an old metal box. Just as Cory, Topanga and Shawn throw down their shovels, Shawn gets a strange feeling and warns Cory. Just as Cory says there's nothing to worry about, a flashlight shines on their faces. After Cory and Shawn exclaim in shock, they see Mr. Feeny staring back at them. Riley and Maya come over and do Eric's Feeny call, much to the bemusement of Mr. Feeny. After Riley and Maya sit down on Feeny's porch bench, he joins them and asks them about Cory. When Mr. Feeny asks Riley whether Cory's a good father, she says she's lucky to have him. Maya tells Mr. Feeny that Cory is the best teacher, though he thinks Mr. Feeny is.

Back in the apartment, Cory opens the time capsule. Cory pulls out the jean jacket which he gave to Topanga after he first told her he loved her. Topanga asks Cory not to get mad when she reveals she put a love letter to Cory in the box - the one from Lauren, the girl at the Ski Lodge. Topanga explains that back then she was not sure their love could survive anything, even though Cory was. Topanga put the letter in the box in the hope that one day, sitting next to Cory, she could take it out and rip it up. Maya watches on as Shawn pulls out the remnants of his relationship with Angela: kiwi mango lip gloss, Shakespeare sonnets, and a Van Damme movie ticket. All the times that Shawn found in a handbag and fell in love with, before he even knew they belonged to Angela. When Shawn wonders what Angela's up to, a resigned Maya quietly says goodbye to Shawn.

Maya talks to Riley in her bedroom bay window. Maya thinks that life works out better if you don't get your hopes up and is resigned to the idea that Shawn will get back together with Angela. Riley still holds out hope for Maya and thinks Pluto is still a planet. Riley tells Maya to dream dreams as she'll get everything she wants in life. Back at the kitchen table, Shawn talks with Cory and Topanga. When Cory wonders why Shawn and Angela didn't end up together, Shawn tells Cory that Angela ended it and walked out on him. Shawn doesn't think he's going to have someone to love, like Cory and Topanga have each other. Riley comes out to tell Shawn not to be such a jerk.

Shawn goes to Riley's bedroom and sits down with her and Maya at the window. Riley tells Shawn about her belief that Pluto is still out there as a planet. She explains to Shawn that he wasn't afraid to love someone once and there is someone out there for him. Shawn misses her point and wonders whether Riley thinks Angela is his Pluto. After Maya gets up and moves away from Shawn, Cory asks Shawn how he's still not getting this. Shawn goes over to Maya and asks her if she believes in him. After Maya says she does, Shawn tells her he doesn't know what he's supposed to be for her. Maya asks him to just be out there for her, and Shawn agrees to do that.

At Topanga's, the kids put their items in their time capsule. Lucas has changed his mind and, instead of the buffalo nickel, puts his school transfer slip in the box as a reminder of when something good started. Farkle chooses his favorite orange turtleneck in, the one he took off when he felt like nothing before his friends rallied around him. Riley sticks with Pluto as her object. Maya has decided to put something in the box, but she doesn't want the others to know. After they leave, Maya puts a picture of her, her mother and Shawn in the box. Later, Shawn stops by the bakery and chats with Katy. When Katy applies lip gloss, Shawn asks her what flavor it is. After Katy tells him it's cinnamon spice, Shawn wonders whether it's better than kiwi mango. Katy tells him it's different and that she's ready for different, and she then asks Shawn whether he's ready for different.

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