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Girl Meets Rules Girl Meets World - Season 2, Episode 7
Aired June 12, 2015

Girl Meets Rules

When Cory is late for class, Maya convinces the class to ignore the rules and act out. As a punishment, Cory gives the whole class detention. During detention, Maya realizes Cory didn't lock the back door, so she and her rule-breaking faction leave detention, while Riley stays with the "good" kids. Meanwhile, Ava asks Topanga for help to be nicer to Auggie when she fears she's losing him to a more polite girl.

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Guest Stars: Ava Kolker as Ava, Danny McNulty as Harley Keiner, Sarah Carpenter as Sarah, Darby Walker as Darby, Hunter Wikcham as Dave, Jade Holden as Student #4

Written by: Randi Barnes

Directed by: Rider Strong, Shiloh Strong

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When Cory's class realize he's late, Farkle freaks out about the prospect of a substitute teacher, but Riley is confident Cory will arrive soon. Maya decides that since Cory isn't there, it's Maya time - time to take back the toys he's confiscated from them. Riley isn't comfortable breaking the rules, but Maya calls on "ring power" to make Riley follow her.  Maya convinces Riley to join her in firing a foam gun. The class descends into chaos, except for Lucas who remains still. When Cory arrives, he wants to know why they disregarded the rules. The whole class apologizes, except Lucas - who says he never does anything. As a punishment, Cory gives the whole class detention - except for Lucas the Good. Fearing this will hurt his reputation, Lucas uses his cellphone in class to make Cory give him detention, too.

In detention, Cory says he usually gives them leeway around the rules because they're good students - but not today. Maya doesn't think they need rules and says she'd do pretty well in a world without rules, which the rest of the class agree with. Cory tells them they can be without rules for the next hour, but he thinks they'll be eating each other after a minute. Cory locks them in the class as he thinks the best punishment he can give them is to be with themselves. Although Maya wants to show Cory they can get through this without acting like a pack of animals,, Lucas, Maya and Riley are soon hungry and eyeing Farkle up. Riley wants to create a perfect society - Rileytown, but Maya decides to make her own place that isn't so nice and orderly, Mayaville.

Elsewhere, Topanga answers the door to Ava, who's upset that she's losing Auggie to a more polite girl. Ava wants Topanga's help to pretend to be nicer. Back at school, when Riley wonders why the kids in Mayaville can't just follow her lead and be good, Farkle admits they're not all like her. He says the reason he can't choose between them is life with either one would be too intense. When Maya notices Cory forgot to lock the back door, she and her followers escape detention. Lucas joins Maya as he's fed up of never doing anything. When Riley talks to her followers, they say they admire her but wish they'd followed the others out of the class. When Janitor Harley enters the classroom, he wonders why the kids in there when everybody is having much more fun outside the classroom. When Janitor Harley is surprised to hear Riley, "little Zippy", crossed the line, she says it's because Maya influenced her - something he's noticed over the years. He wonders why the kids are staying in detention even though the door's wide open and the other group is rampaging up and down the hallways. Janitor Harley says this lesson has Cory written all over it.

After running up the hallway dressed in warpaint, Lucas and Farkle are disappointed that none of the good kids were around to see it. When Janitor Harley shows up, he says he always found it important to be around the good kids, since everybody has good parts that can be brought out in the right company. Harley admits he used to be intimidating, but then he met a good guy. Maya agrees they need a good kid around them to find their good parts, so they should steal one. As Riley sort of plays "Duck, Duck, Goose", Lucas, Farkle and some others storm in and take her away in a bag.

After being carried out into the hallway, Riley wants the bad kids to clean up their faces. As she cleans the paint off Lucas's face, he mentions how he's now being called Mad Dog. After wondering if Riley would call him that, she says no since he won't call her Princess Dancing Sunshine. Elsewhere, when Auggie arrives home he's unhappy with Ava's new personality. He says being polite is fine but it can be tiring, which is why he likes Ava just the way she is.

After Maya leads her followers back to class, she and Riley chat about their experience. When Cory returns and tells them detention's over, Riley and Maya ask about the secret of life - people changing people. Maya wonders how you can avoid changing back if you're away from the people who changed you. Cory calls Janitor Harley in, who was watching the kids like a hawk. Harley tells Cory that everyone went nuts, except Riley, who says she'd never go nuts without Maya. Harley says Maya was the ring leader, and she says without Riley she might never come back. Cory excuses everyone in the class except Maya. When Maya asks Harley what changed him, Harley says there's always two doors and that Cory showed him the other one. After telling Maya that the most important thing he can teach her is that there are consequences to our actions, Cory leaves her in detention for another hour. Riley sits and waits for Maya outside the classroom.

After hanging out with Auggie, Ava asks Topanga to throw her out. When Topanga admits that Ava is finally starting to grow on her, Auggie tells Topanga that he was ready to stop seeing Ava if Topanga still didn't like her as her happiness is the most important thing to him. Auggie admits it was just a fake out - something he learnt from Ava and Topanga.

Quotes (26)

Cory: Yeah, you're all the same. Detention all of you.
*Riley raises her hand*
What do you want?
Riley: I'm going to be home late today, Daddy.
Cory: I know, honey.

Farkle: I think what Mad Dog is saying is, what good is being bad if there's no other kind of people around? I'm Batman.

Cory: The rest of you are going to spend the afternoon thinking about that. With the exception of Lucas the Good.
Lucas: Oh, boy. Is that going to stick?
Maya: I'm already making t-shirts.

Farkle: Are we getting a sub? I don't want a sub. You don't know where they've been.

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