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Band on the Run Boy Meets World - Season 2, Episode 8
Aired November 11, 1994

Band on the Run

Cory and Shawn pretend to be in a band to impress girls, but their lack of talent becomes a problem when they're booked to play the school dance.

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Guest Stars: Micky Dolenz as Norm, Rick Nielsen as Gordy, Billy Vera as Larry, Jhoanna Trias as Sonia, Jewelie Hull as Sherry, Adam Scott as Senior

Written by: Mark Blutman, Howard Busgang

Directed by: David Trainer

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Quotes (8)

Shawn: Cory, they're on to us. They've spotted our axes. They know we play. They like musicians.
Cory: Oh, then watch me pull this rabbit out of my hat.
Shawn: Musicians!

Mr. Feeny: Hard as it is to believe, my rock and roll contacts are limited.

Cory: Oh, you're talking to me? Shouldn't you be at the hospital talking to one of your many blood-hawking grandmas?

Shawn: Okay, don't panic. We'll just play the old hits. None of the new stuff. Maybe one encore. We're in the limo and we're home.

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