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Girl Meets Hurricane Girl Meets World - Season 2, Episode 8
Aired June 19, 2015

Girl Meets Hurricane

After a fun day of shopping for clothes with Shawn, Maya begins to feel closer to him and hopeful about his place in her life. But just as Shawn starts to consider his role in Maya and Katy's lives, Angela shows up out of the blue looking for advice from Shawn.

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Guest Stars: Trina McGee as Angela, Blake Clark as Chet Hunter, Cheryl Texiera as Katy Hart, Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter

Written by: Matthew Nelson

Directed by: William Russ

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Quotes (38)

Angela: I'm married now.
(from outside) Maya: Yay!

Shawn: I went shopping for girls' clothes and had a good time.
What is happening to me?

Riley: Kermit?
Maya: Topanga?
Riley: We're even.

Riley: You know, Maya, you can borrow any of my clothes whenever you want.
Maya: Thanks. You can never touch any of this stuff.


Shawn, Maya, Katy and the whole Matthews family are hanging out at Topanga's bakery. Riley thinks Maya and Shawn are cute together. When Cory asks the girls if they've done their homework, Maya lies and says she has. Riley suggests Shawn give her some fatherly advice, but he's too afraid to do so. After Maya pushes him to give her some advice, he tells her he thinks she should dress differently. When Maya starts crying, Shawn is uncomfortable and doesn't know what to do. Maya says she's crying as nobody else ever cared enough about her to give her advice like that. Maya stops crying when Shawn asks if it would help if he bought her new clothes.

At the Demolition clothing store, Shawn and Cory wait around as the girls shop. Cory thinks Shawn should sit down and wait like a father, but he refuses to sit in the chair. When Maya comes out smiling in a new outfit, Shawn is moved and sits down in the "father" chair. Shawn says he's happy to have helped Maya since nobody else has ever done this for her. When the gang return to Topanga's, Katy thinks Shawn spent too much money on Maya. Shawn says he's happy to spend the money he's saved on someone else for a change. Katy worries Maya's going eventually going to get hurt, but Shawn wonders if she can't just enjoy a good day. When Topanga worries Maya will miss Katy's hard work just to keep a roof over Maya's head, Shawn pays tribute to her mother for doing all the hard work.

As Maya tries on her new outfits in Riley's bedroom, Maya admits she's happy that there's someone in her life who wants to do this for her. Maya says she may have been living her life wrong by believing that hope was for suckers. Maya says that if you hope for one thing it must just happen.

At school, Cory teaches the class about Hurricane Katrina and how sometimes a storm can be stronger than we are. Lucas went to New Orleans from Texas to help out. Lucas tells the story of how people celebrated in New Orleans when the Hurricane passed. When Cory asks Maya what the people of New Orleans did during the storm, he tells her she knows the answer. After Maya says the people stayed and hoped things would get better, Cory tells Maya it's the hope - not just the clothes - that looks great on her.

Shawn visits Topanga's bakery to see Katy. Katy tells him that he doesn't have to be nice to her just because he cares about Maya. Katy says she shut off the romantic part of her life after her husband left, and she worries Shawn is confusing his affection for Maya with feelings for her. Riley and Maya listen on from outside, hopeful that something can happen between Shawn and Katy. As Katy talks about the break-up of her marriage, Shawn mentions his relationship with Angela. Cory rushes into the bakery to warn Shawn that somebody who change his life when it's going good is there: Angela.

Angela and Shawn talk in Topanga's bakery. After an awkward interaction with Shawn and Angela, Cory goes outside. Katy introduces herself to Angela and then leaves too. As Shawn and Angela talk, Cory, Riley, Maya and Katy watch on from outside. Angela tells Shawn how her dad died. After Angela wonders whether Shawn still sees his late father, Chet, Shawn says he can count on him to show up at the most important times in his life. When Shawn wonders why Angela's there, she says it's because she needs advice and it could only come from him.

When Angela tells Shawn she's married now, Shawn wonders why she left him and Maya celebrates outside. After Shawn wonders why Angela left him, she says she wasn't ready. Angela says life goes on. She believes life puts people in front of you so you can be prepared for what's coming, and that their relationship helped her be ready for marriage when it came along. Angela tells Shawn her husband wants to have children, but she's scared of having children because her own mother left. Angela needs someone who understands her to tell her whether she can be a good mother. Shawn tells Angela to have kids, put more of her in the world, and then sit in the chair and watch them. Before Angela leaves, she points out Maya and Katy watching from the window. Angela asks Shawn whether Katy's the one. After he says no, he doesn't know, Angela tells him to let their relationship make him ready for something new. Angela tells Shawn that life knows what it's doing. When Angela leaves the bakery, she smiles at Cory before she leaves and looks at Maya and Katy. Seeing what just happened, Riley hugs Cory for nothing / everything.

Back at demolition, Topanga is trying on new clothes. When Shawn offers to buy Katy a new outfit, she turns him down as they don't really know each other. Repeating his line from the bakery, Shawn asks her if she's asking him out on a date. Katy says she is. When Riley points out it's an important moment in Shawn's life, his father, Chet, appears to give him advice. Chet points out how both Maya and Katy have opened their hearts to him and they need hope just like Shawn does. Chet tells him if Maya can let his guard down, why can't he? Shawn begins to ask Maya for her permission to ask Katy out on a date, but Maya is too excited to answer. Shawn tells Katy he'd love to go on a date with her.

Comments (4)

jennifer United States, 04:29 Jun 20 2015.
I liked the fact that Shawn got closure Chet told him to stay with Maya and her mom and the fact that Maya is starting to be more like Riley
Amber M. United States, 21:34 Jun 19 2015.
The episode was a great one! I love love loved the ending!!%uD83D%uDE0D%uD83D%uDE0D%uD83D%uDE0D%uD83D%uDE0D Can not wait for the next episode to air!!!

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Angel B  United States, 13:51 Jun 19 2015.
Yayy love it LOLZ welcome back Angela yay can't wait for it and I wonder what happens next with lots of love Angel B
lineke Panama, 13:57 Jun 5 2015.
im so happy and mad and sad every one knows why

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