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Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington Girl Meets World - Season 2, Episode 9
Aired July 10, 2015

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington

Eric is unexpectedly recruited to run for the Senate, but it becomes clear the incumbent senator had Eric drafted in to make himself look better.

After Eric asks the kids to run his campaign, Riley and her friends rally around to help get him elected. Meanwhile, Eric is also helped by somebody from his past.

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Guest Stars: Will Friedle as Eric Matthews, J.B. Gaynor as Tommy, Danny McNulty as Harley Keiner, Nicholas Hormann as Senator Graham, Lamont Thompson as Zachary T. Wolff, Tess Paras as TV Newscaster

Written by: Mark Blutman

Directed by: Rider Strong, Shiloh Strong

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  • This episode calls back to the Season 4 Boy Meets World episode "Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow" when Riley and Maya try to cheer Eric up with Cocoa Puffs, milk and chocolate sauce.
  • Tommy first featured in the Season 6 Boy Meets World episode "Santa's Little Helpers", as an orphan Eric was helping through a big brother program. In "Resurrection", Tommy visited the hospital where Eric's new brother, baby Joshua, was in intensive care. When Tommy asked Eric to adopt him in "Can I Help to Cheer You?", Eric ultimately decided against adopting Tommy. Tommy told Eric he didn't like him any more, but he still visited Eric's house to say goodbye before he left to go live with a family in California.
  • In a running joke from Eric Matthew's first appearance on Girl Meets World in "Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels", Eric again referred to Maya as Moesha. Later in the episode, when Eric called Maya by her actual name, she was surprised he knew it. Eric told her he's always known her name and he likes her very much.

Quotes (38)

Cory: Current events. Someone tell me what's going on in the world.
Maya: Stuff happened in some country. Some team won a game. And it's cold somewhere with a chance of I don't care. Am I all caught up?

Maya: Eric, it's Moesha. We need you.

Eric: You're right. I don't have the experience you have. But you've been doing this for a very long time, Senator, and we don't see anything getting better. And no, I don't have kids yet. But I care about them very much.
Senator Graham: But you can't prove it.
TJ: But I can.
Senator Graham: Excuse me?
TJ: My name is TJ Murphy. Thomas Jonathan Murphy. Eric Matthews once knew me as-
Eric: Tommy!

Farkle: We need to treat this planet better. I don't want to go to Mars. I want to rule an earth that has good air and good water. A good Earth for your children.
Riley: Our children?
Maya: Our children?
Farkle: I want eleven. Split them up however you want.
Riley: How do you want-
Maya: You get eleven.


When Cory talks to the class about current events, Maya has no interest in what's happening in the world around them. Riley, Lucas and Farkle agree - if the kids aren't allowed to vote and adults are making the world a worse place, why pay any attention? Cory thinks they should care about what's happening as it will soon be their world. As Cory teaches the kids about how political candidates are selected, Eric runs in to tell the class he's running for senator of New York. Eric is disappointed the kids won't be able to vote for him, especially since he's already been to every class room in the school.

At Topanga's bakery, Eric explains to Cory and Topanga how he was plucked off the street to run for the senate. Eric doesn't understand the political system and decides to have the kids run his political campaign. A young man sitting at the counter tells Eric it's a great idea to have the kids run his campaign. The guy introduces himself as TJ Murphy and explains that the senator took money away from schools to give it to the rich guys who got him elected. Hearing the senator chose his future over theirs, the kids get behind Eric's campaign. Having the kids run the campaign will show Eric cares about the kids' futures as much as his own.

Cory shows the class a video of important presidential races. Harley Keiner sets up the A.V. system and asks Cory if he can stick around and watch the video. Cory is surprised to hear Harley is interested in politics, but Harley explains that he wants to know why school budgets are being cut. When Eric comes to inspire the kids behind his campaign, he is shocked at the janitor's resemblance to his high school bully. As Eric talks about what he'd do to Harley Keiner if he had the chance, Eric slowly realizes the janitor is indeed his old adversary. When Eric compliments Harley for how well he takes care of the school and kisses him, Harley tells Eric he has his vote.

Back at Topanga's, Senator Graham visits to canvass the customers. The senator remembers Topanga for challenging his plan to charge money to access public parks and recreation areas. Cory notices the senator's aide and wonders whether it's the same bow-tie man who told Eric to run in the election. When Eric confirms it's the same person, they realize Eric was set up to lose and make the senator look good. TJ, who the senator and his aide are well aware of, calls for a public debate between Eric and Senator Graham. The kids are still confident Eric can win the race, just like JFK.

The class are suddenly more interested in current events and why they aren't allowed to vote to influence the future of their planet. When Cory talks about the low voter turnout in the latest election, he tells the kids to make their voices heard by talking to their parents so that those with a vote actually use it.

Back home, Uncle Eric is in a funk after realizing he was set up. Riley and Maya try to cheer him up with a bowl of cereal, milk, chocolate sauce, and a jingle. Maya is surprised to hear Eric, who has referred to her by a number of erroneous names, not only knows her name - but likes her, too. Riley and Maya tell Eric they still think he can win. As kids, they believe in the impossible and that they can change the world. That's why he wanted their help.

At John Quincy Adams High School, Cory moderates a senatorial debate between Senator Graham and Eric. Janitor Harley asks the first question, wanting to know what Senator Graham will do for the little guy. When the senator gives a vacuous answer about believing everybody is of equal stature, Harley Keiner doesn't believe him. Lucas interrupts the debate to know what the senator will do for those who can't vote. He gives a condescending answer about young people not knowing what's best for them. The kids want a lower voting age so they could get a chance to vote out people like him. When Eric says he is there to represent children as well as adults, Graham calls him out for not having any experience of having kids. Eric admits he doesn't have experience raising kids, but he says he cares about them very much. When the senator tells Eric he can't prove that, TJ stands up to say he can.

TJ says his name is Thomas Jonathan Murphy and Eric once knew him as Tommy. Back in 1998, Eric met Tommy, an orphan boy in need of a home, through a big brother program. Eric considered adopting Tommy but ultimately decided he couldn't provide the stable home he needed, much to Tommy's disappointment. Today, TJ says not adopting him was one of the hardest decisions Eric had to make. Eric gave him up to a wonderful family that raised him, but TJ says he has never forgotten what he learned from Eric: kindness, honesty, and respect for human beings. TJ contrasts Eric, who sacrificed himself for the future of a child, to the senator who sacrificed the future of children for himself.  Eric is delighted to see how Tommy turned out. Eric tells him he grew up to be a really great person.

After the debate, Maya talks to Lucas and, for once, calls him by his first name. After Lucas questions why she didn't call him a nickname as she usually does, Maya repeats what Eric said to her, telling Lucas she's always known his name and she likes them very much. As the kids realize they do have a voice, Farkle decides they can make Earth a better place rather than going to Mars. Back home, Eric asks Tommy to be part of his campaign staff. Having heard the news that Eric might actually win, Cory and Topanga rush out of the apartment with suitcases to get far, far away.

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Samantha  United States, 21:13 Jul 10 2015.
I love it. I Cry in the end. I was not born when boy world was on TV. I watch boy meets world seasons

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zanli South Africa, 16:36 Jul 10 2015.
Rilley and mija can do it in know it

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