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The Beard Boy Meets World - Season 2, Episode 11
Aired December 9, 1994

The Beard

Shawn can't decide which of two girls to date, so he asks Cory to date one while he decides. Shawn's plan fails when Cory starts to fall for the girl.

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Guest Stars: Blake Soper as Joey Epstein, John Capodice as Chubbie, Lenny Wolpe as Car Dealer, Ethan Suplee as Frankie Stechino, Haylie Johnson as Linda, Molly Morgan as Stacy, Josh Wiener as Roy

Written by: Jeff Menell

Directed by: David Trainer

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Quotes (3)

Cory: I'll have you know there are women who think I'm very dangerous.
Eric: Like who? Grandma?

Cory: I don't have moves. I don't have boom.

Mr. Feeny: Mr. Matthews.
Cory: Yes.
Mr. Feeny: Put your head down. It's nap time.

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