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Girl Meets Fish Girl Meets World - Season 2, Episode 11
Aired July 24, 2015

Girl Meets Fish

When it's finally Riley's turn to take the class fish home for the weekend, the fish dies as soon as she's handed over to Riley. Auggie, who cares a lot for the fish, is inspired by his favorite owl detective show to solve the mystery of "whodunnit?"

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Guest Stars: Ava Kolker as Ava, Hugh Dane as Phil

Written by: David J. Jacobs, Michael Jacobs

Directed by: Michael A. Joseph

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  • This episode was produced as part of the first season but was held over for Disney Channel's "Whodunnit" weekend.

Quotes (30)

Lucas: It was impossible. Impossible, I tells ya'.

Riley: So, what about those beans?
Lucas: I don't have any beans.
Riley: Then sing like a canary.
Lucas: I don't sing so good.
Riley: Then let the cat out of the bag.
Lucas: I'm more of dog person.
Riley: Aww, me too.

Riley: This goldfish is going to live fifteen years.
Cory: Why's that?
Maya: Because there's supposed to be that much life in her.
Lucas: And everything alive deserves to be-
Farkle: -cared for the right way.
Cory: Very good. Oh, by the way!
Riley and Maya: I knew it!
Cory: Permission slips for the class retreat. We're going to the Berkshire Mountains this year. I want you to all watch out for each other. Let's bring everybody home, safe and sound. You think you can do that?
Yeah, I think you can, too.

Phil: Maya!
Maya: Phil.
Riley: Oh, you two know each other?
Phil: Actually, I'm familiar with your whole class.
Riley: Oh. Do you have a son or daughter at John Q Adams?
Phil: Well, you might say I have a whole school of kids at John Q Adams.
Riley: What a random and curious comment to make, Fish Store Phil.


At school, Topanga and Auggie join Cory and the class as they wait for Farkle to return with the class fish, Chelsea. Auggie cares a lot about the fish and is happy it's Riley's turn to take Chelsea home. Inspired by his favorite owl detective show, where Auggie always knows "whodunnit", he's is dressed like Sherlock Holmes. After Farkle returns the fish, Cory passes it to Riley, who is the last of the class to take the fish home with her. As Riley takes a selfie with the fish, they are distraught to see the fish is already dead. Auggie is determined to solve the mystery of who killed the fish.

At home, Auggie and Ava start to think about the case of the dead goldfish. Auggie has no doubt there was foul play. Meanwhile, Riley and Maya go to a fish store to buy a replacement fish. The store owner is familiar with Maya and her whole class, though Riley is a bit too innocent to realize the class haven't made it a whole year with the same fish. When the fish store owner, Phil, is unable to revive Chelsea, Riley picks another goldfish which looks like her as a replacement.

The whole class gathers in Riley's bedroom as she introduces them to Chelsea's replacement, Chelsea II. When Auggie enters, he tells the class he suspects one of them of being the fish murderer. Auggie says he wants to talk to Farkle first. Riley joins Auggie and Ava as make Farkle uncomfortable by munching graham crackers. Farkle cracks under the pressure of their interrogation and admits he killed the fish. Farkle explains how he lost three fish: eaten at a bird bath, eaten in a cat bowl, and fell from the top of the Empire State Building. Still, Farkle says he replaced the fish each time and took a living fish to school before it was handed over to Riley.

When Riley, Auggie and Ava question Lucas, he admits he too lost two fish in an unfortunate baseball accidents. Moving on to Maya, she admits she lost seven fish. Riley refuses to believe her classmates could be so careless with another living being as she believes they're caring, compassionate people. Maya takes Riley back to her bedroom to show her that everybody in the class lost at least one fish.

As Auggie, Ava, Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle pay their respects to the lost fish and honor the latest Chelsea, Riley wonders who killed the fish that was alive in the classroom. When Ava notices Auggie feeding the fish graham crackers, she tells him he can't feed fish graham crackers. Auggie realizes he was behind the death of the fish.

Topanga tries to comfort Auggie, who feels bad for killing another living thing. When Auggie wonders if he will ever feel better, Riley gives him the latest fish and tells him she trusts him to take good care of her. Later, Riley takes the entire class to the fish store to get one goldfish for the whole class. One goldfish which they will care for so it will last its whole natural life.

At school, the kids wonder what secret lesson Cory was teaching them with the fish. When Cory says there was no lesson other than what they came up with, Riley and the class talk about the importance of living things being cared for in the right away. Happy with what the kids have learned, Cory admits there was an ulterior motive as he hands them permission slips for the class trip to the Berkshire mountains. Cory tells the class he wants them to look out for each other so they can have a safe trip. 

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Girlmeetsworldforever Canada, 21:38 Jul 24 2015.
Even if I haven't watched it yet, I know that all the girl meets world episodes are always awesome!!

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Tesslynn United States, 21:23 Jul 24 2015.
Loved every minute of it can't wait for the next episode!!! #DoingAmazing

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