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Turnaround Boy Meets World - Season 2, Episode 12
Aired December 16, 1994


When the turnaround dance gives the girls a chance to ask the guys out, Cory mistakenly agrees to go with Ingrid.

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Guest Stars: Darlene Vogel as Katherine Tompkins, Natanya Ross as Ingrid Iverson, Marnette Patterson as Allison Cheever, Jennifer Banko as Becky Scholtz, Will Estes as Alex, Nick Banko as Boy

Written by: Michele Palermo

Directed by: Micky Dolenz

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Quotes (8)

Shawn: Wait a minute. You mean like Swedish from Switzerland?

Shawn: Well, it's really not for me to say, but underneath the clothes: nude!

Topanga: It's a protest. The concept of a turnaround dance implies that all the other times, only the boys can do the asking. That's destructive, gender-biased thinking, and we have to get beyond that.
Shawn: Why?
Topanga: Besides, that weekend, my daddy's taking me to New York for Christmas shopping.

Mr. Feeny: Mr. Hunter, that girl in the white turtle neck, is that Ingrid Iverson?
Shawn: That's her.
Mr. Feeny: What on earth has she done to herself?
Shawn: Oh, she didn't do it, we did. Cory and me.
Mr. Feeny: Cory and I, Mr. Hunter.
Shawn: Oh, yeah sure. Now everyone wants to take credit.

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