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I Am Not a Crook Boy Meets World - Season 2, Episode 14
Aired January 13, 1995

I Am Not a Crook

Cory is running for class president, but his desire to be elected leads him to make promises he can't possibly keep.

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Guest Stars: Jonathan Charles Kaplan as Alvin, Shay Astar as Paula Kelly, Brandon Quintin Adams as Alex, Anndi McAfee as Jennifer

Written by: Steve Young

Directed by: David Trainer

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Quotes (10)

Cory: There's no place for name calling in this campaign, you four-eyed, frog-voiced geek.

Shawn: Football?
Cory: No, pain. Cleats on face. No.
Shawn: Modern dance?
Cory: No, lot of girls. Tights. No.
Shawn: Drama club?
Cory: No, lot of guys. Tights. No.

Cory: There's no Cory Matthews club on here. There's no club for ordinary guys who don't know who they are and aren't great at anything.
Shawn: So start one.
Cory: Ah, I probably wouldn't get it.

Shawn: The great state of Shawn nominates the people's choice, Cory Matthews.
Cory: No!
Shawn: No! He's not going to settle for second-rate leadership.

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