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Danger Boy Boy Meets World - Season 2, Episode 16
Aired February 3, 1995

Danger Boy

Eric picks Shawn over Cory to go on a double date with him and his girlfriend's younger cousin. Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny is offended when the staff give him a dull group to manage. Fed up of being considered safe and boring, Cory and Mr. Feeny decide to go for a thrill ride on a dangerous roller-coaster.

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Guest Stars: Monty Hoffman as Chubby, Kathy Kinney as Rifkin, McNally Sagal as Trisha Stone, Heidi Lucas as Kim, Mena Suvari as Laura, Terry Crisp as Elvis, Phillipe Simon as Rodique

Written by: Glen Merzer

Directed by: David Trainer

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Quotes (16)

Cory: Piece of cake.
Eric: What?
Cory: I threw up a piece of cake.

Eric: Cory, get out of that car. It's not safe. You'll kill yourself. Mr. Feeny, enjoy the ride!

Cory: On a danger scale, where would you put me?
Eric: If pushed, I'd say you're just slightly less dangerous than lime jello.
Cory: Is this what everybody thinks of me?
Eric: Oh, no. Some people think lemon.

Eric: I'll talk to Cory. He'll be fine. He won't do the fountain. He won't blow milk bubbles out of his nose. He won't even do armpit theater.

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