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By Hook or By Crook Boy Meets World - Season 2, Episode 18
Aired February 17, 1995

By Hook or By Crook

Eric's trip to Europe is in jeopardy unless he can get his grades up, so he seeks the help of a tutor. Eric is put in a difficult position when the tutor offers him the answers to the test. Meanwhile, Cory claims his illness is mono caught from kissing a girl.

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Guest Stars: Jason Marsden as Jason, Herschel Sparber as Uncle Mike Hunter, Terri Ivens as Torie

Written by: Jeff Menell

Directed by: David Trainer

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Quotes (9)

Mr. Feeny: This isn't an F. This is an F+. Your work is deplorable, your penmanship illegible, but after all your mother is my sister, so there we are. I'll see you at Thanksgiving.

Eric: I cheated. I had the answers to the test written on my hand.
Mr. Feeny: And you only managed an A-?
Eric: I sneezed off a couple of the answers.

Mr. Feeny: Because two people are involved with this and if I punish two people, I get a bonus at the end of the week.

Eric: Okay, a B average. That's not a problem, so what do I need for that, like Bs?

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Megan United States, 14:29 Apr 3 2015.
I really enjoyed this episode because Eric was the good guy mot wanting to cheat.

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