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Girl Meets World of Terror 2 Girl Meets World - Season 2, Episode 18
Aired October 2, 2015

Girl Meets World of Terror 2

Riley and Maya meet the ghost of the bay window, who happens to be a flapper girl from the 1920's.

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Guest Stars: Ross Lynch as Austin, Laura Marano as Ally, Ava Kolker as Ava, Cooper Friedman as Dewey, Brittany Ross as Ghost

Written by: Jeff Menell

Directed by: Joel Zwick

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Quotes (15)

Ava: Hold the phone. Are you who I think you are?
Auggie: Who says hold the phone?
Ava: I do, when I want someone to hold my phone.

Riley: New best friends, okay. Bye-bye.
Topanga: Okay. I just want you home by-
Riley: Don't say a time. I want to be cool.
Topanga: Then I won't.
Riley: Then I'm very cool.
Ten o'clock.
Ally: But that's when the monster parade starts.
Riley: It STARTS at ten?

Cory: Oh. The ghost of the bay window? When you guys go to sleep, she floats in. She goes "boo!".
Topanga: We go "argh!"
Cory: We all laugh and discuss the way ghosts are portrayed in the media.
Riley: Are you making fun of us?
Cory: Pretty sure we are.
Topanga: No, we are.

Topanga: Cory, did you go into the haunted house with three little kids?
Cory: I wasn't going to go in there alone!

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