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Pop Quiz Boy Meets World - Season 2, Episode 20
Aired March 10, 1995

Pop Quiz

Cory and Shawn discover the date and topic for an upcoming pop quiz while delivering some homework to Mr. Turner. Meanwhile, Frankie and Joey search for a new leader.

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Guest Stars: Blake Soper as Joey Epstein, Ethan Suplee as Frankie Stechino, Adam Scott as Senior, Susan Knight as Miss Gill, Laurie Fortier as Jasmine, Eric Balfour as Tommy

Written by: Eric Brand, Kevin Kelton, Robert Kurtz

Directed by: David Trainer

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Quotes (6)

Mr. Feeny: Gentlemen, do you ever go home and open a book?
Shawn: What?
Mr. Feeny: I want you to go home this afternoon and open a book. I don't care what you had otherwise planned. I order, nay I command you, go home and open a book!

Eric: Two passes to Sliding Rapids Mountain. Excellent.
Alan: Yep, you and your brother should have a blast.
Eric: Ah, no, no, no. See, when I look at this ticket I see someone in a skimpy wet bikini.
Alan: Well, that's entirely up to Cory.

Mr. Feeny: You know, I'd give up on them but I don't think they'd notice.
Shawn: What?

Mr. Feeny: If Mr. Matthews stinks, you Mr. Hunter are as odoriferous as a dead man in July.
Shawn: A 12. How do you get a 12?
Mr. Feeny: I don't know. Have you ever opened a book?
Shawn: What?
Mr. Feeny: A book. Do you ever open a book?
Shawn: WHAT?

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