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Girl Meets Texas (Part 1) Girl Meets World - Season 2, Episode 20
Aired October 16, 2015

Girl Meets Texas (Part 1)

Riley, Maya, and Farkle head to Texas with Lucas, who has been entered in the bull-riding competition at the rodeo in his hometown.

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Guest Stars: Amir Mitchell-Townes as Zay Babineaux, Jack Doke as Timmy McCullough, M.C. Gainey as Pappy Joe, Madison Mason as McCullough, Candi Milo as Rodeo Waitress, Tahmus Rounds as Cletis

Written by: Michael Jacobs, Matthew Nelson

Directed by: Rider Strong, Shiloh Strong

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Quotes (21)

Maya: I don't want you going anywhere near the bull.
Lucas: Yeah, that makes two of us.
Maya: I want you to take off that stupid outfit and I want to get out of here.
Lucas: Maya.
Maya: I saw the bull and I don't think the bull realizes this is supposed to be fun.

Riley: Lucas, tell the bull you want to be a veterinarian. It's your only hope!
Lucas: I'm going to be a veterinarian. (Bull gets angrier) He doesn't care!

Maya: What's the difference between riding a sheep and a bull?
Lucas: Death! Death is the difference.

Maya: Quit looking at us, Huckleberry.
Lucas: I'm sorry, Maya. You look good.
Maya: Oh, thanks.
Lucas: Yeah, you both look good.

Comments (4)

Samantha United Kingdom, 22:40 Oct 17 2015.
I love riley and lucus more than Maya and lucas

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maria United States, 14:41 Oct 17 2015.
lucas an riley make a better cuple
maria United States, 14:36 Oct 17 2015.
no maya and lucas is better lucas and riley
Sarah  United States, 11:14 Oct 16 2015.
I love this show it's the best I love Corey and topanga funniness

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