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Career Day Boy Meets World - Season 2, Episode 22
Aired May 12, 1995

Career Day

Cory and Shawn's dads both attend the school's career day. Chet Hunter steals the show and later the focus when he reveals that Shawn's mom, Verna, has left home. Chet announces his intention to go after Verna, leaving Shawn behind.

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Guest Stars: Blake Clark as Chet Hunter, Darlene Vogel as Katherine Tompkins, Peter Tork as Jedediah Lawrence, Will Estes as Alex

Written by: Matthew Nelson

Directed by: David Trainer

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  • This episode marks the first appearances of both Blake Clark as Chet Hunter and Peter Tork as Jedediah Lawrence.

Quotes (6)

Mr. Feeny: Well, I'm sure Shawn's father - frightening man, isn't he? I'm sure he'll be able to find his way back home. After all, if a pigeon can do it ...

Jedediah: Well, it's really no big deal, but Bruce.
Mr. Turner: Bruce Springsteen?
Topanga: Uh huh. I took the call. He said "Hey little girl is your daddy home?"

Shawn: Mr. Feeny, I can explain.
Mr. Feeny: Please do.
Chet Hunter: Go ahead. --- Uhh, you're Feeny, too?
Mr. Feeny: I'm Feeny One.

Topanga: Daddy, forget about all that. Tell them who called last night.
Jedediah: Oh, they don't want to hear about that, Tippy.
Topanga: Tippy?
Cory: Tippy's nice.
Shawn: It's my new favorite name.

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