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Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project Girl Meets World - Season 2, Episode 23
Aired November 6, 2015

Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project

When the class receives an assignment about forgiveness, Maya writes to her father in an attempt to forgive him for leaving and Riley tries to let go of the fact that Auggie destroyed something important to her.

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Audrey United States, 18:51 Nov 17 2015.
It was good.

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Cliff United States, 16:52 Nov 9 2015.
loved this episode but.............. I just one personal issue with it. Now before I get slammed by everyone, I LOVE MAYA (Sabrina) to heart. I just wish that instead of her (or the writers) saying, "and Fathers leave", she would have said "and Parents leave".. Now, yes I know that it's referring to Maya directing it to her dad. But to replace it with, "and Parents leave" would be more correct. I am a divorced father of two beautiful girls and are my life force. I fought hard to have equal right with my ex-wife and got it. Not all fathers leave. And, yes Not all mothers leave their children. It just stuck me in a way that I felt that Disney should have implied it evenly and correctly. This show is about learning experiences for our kids growing up and a entertainment aspect too. But like I stated before, this is only my opinion and felt , till I put it in writing. It'll continue to bug me. Now that's said, Sabrina Carpenter is such an amazing actress. Her emotional crying hit me like a ton of bricks. I wanted to jump into the screen and hug her like Cory did. i just wish that the writes would have ended it with either the mention of Shawn in her life or wish Shawn walking into the coffee shop and Maya running to him. That would have ended it a lot better.
tim United States, 20:01 Nov 8 2015.
the show was very good but i have fath in maya. maya did the right thing, she took a big step by sending the letter , she now knows it is not her fault. in time she will foegive. this one is not easy.13
Will United States, 19:09 Nov 7 2015.
This was a wonderful episode, love the fact that Rowan and Sabrina have the chance to show how wonderful actors they are. The bullying episode was a very powerful performance from Rowan and Sabrina's performance showed just how talented these two young ladies are.

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Candice United States, 12:39 Nov 7 2015.
This was very emotional because I can relate so much

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Mariley United States, 03:14 Nov 7 2015.
OHMygosh! I cried so hard! My mom was right there, and she was bawling too! :D And we both looked at each other and started cracking up laughing! lol. We have problems... Great job, Sabrina, you are really something! I just wish Riley didn't make dumb jokes throughout the serious parts... Other than that, my over all fav episode!! x

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