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Girl Meets The New Year Girl Meets World - Season 2, Episode 25
Aired December 4, 2015

Girl Meets The New Year

Farkle tells Riley that she has until midnight on New Year’s Eve to tell everyone how she really feels about Lucas.

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Kayla United States, 22:02 Dec 25 2015.
#rucas riley and lucas are the new Cory and Topanga riley and lucas have good chemistry I thought of Maya and lucas as brother and sister not riley and lucas

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nana Germany, 13:33 Dec 17 2015.
I like Reilly and luces toghter and maya and farkel toghter

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Chanel F United States, 04:10 Dec 12 2015.
Somebody said something smart on here. Let Lucas have a say so in this. How does he feel about all of this. the only reason he is around dating maya is because riley said so. I believe its riley and lucas because why does he dislike charlie gardner and pretty much battles for riley. Couples game instead of saying something about Maya he was fighting about riley. TEAM RILEY AND LUCAS! %uD83D%uDE4FShow was good would have been excellent if he chose than went off.

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Abby United States, 22:36 Dec 5 2015.
Hocktooey!!! Awful!

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Michaela Turner  United States, 18:12 Dec 5 2015.
I like Reilly and luces toghter
Vallie  United States, 15:16 Dec 5 2015.
I want Riley and Lucas together like rileys parents :)

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Earl United States, 14:06 Dec 5 2015.
No one ever ask Lucas if he likes Riley or Maya. These confused young girls never stop to realize that he may have an opinion.

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Liz United States, 21:57 Dec 4 2015.
What the heck??? why is that the end of the episode!?!? Well it was pretty good...Idk who will be together...

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Lizzy loves United States, 15:10 Dec 4 2015.
I think that lusas and Maya will stay together
lizzy United States, 19:17 Nov 22 2015.
what happens and where is josh because there are no pictures of him in the images.

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