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He Said, She Said Boy Meets World - Season 3, Episode 4
Aired October 20, 1995

He Said, She Said

When Shawn is forced to see the school's guidance counselor, he misunderstands her advice and decides to drop out of school and travel the world.

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Guest Stars: Danny McNulty as Harley Keiner, Blake Soper as Joey Epstein, Amy Leland as Devon Collins, Adam Scott as Senior, Ethan Suplee as Frankie Stechino, Carmen Filpi as Bum, Dov Markowich as Classmate

Written by: Jeff Menell

Directed by: Jeff McCracken

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Quotes (14)

Cory: Oh, great. Turner's machine. Now I've got to listen to three minutes of Cat Stevens.

Shawn: How'd you find me?
Mr. Turner: Easy. When I heard where you were going, I figured Shawn Hunter - Europe - Bus.

Shawn: I'm going. Here's my ticket. Next stop: Paris.
Mr. Turner: Paris, Texas?
Shawn: Oh, I thought the TX meant Tax.

Mr. Feeny: Mr. Williams, there you are. Well, all right.
Mr. Williams: A gift for makin' it through my first week, huh?
Mr. Feeny: Actually, these gift baskets are from misguided seniors trying to get college recommendations.
Mr. Williams: Kiwi and mango, Toblerone Beluga caviar? Hey, man, thanks.
Mr. Feeny: Don't get too attached. You're taking them as far as my car.
Mr. Williams: It's good to be you, isn't it?
Mr. Feeny: I deliver these to homeless shelters.
Mr. Williams: Mmm, right!

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