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The Last Temptation of Cory Boy Meets World - Season 3, Episode 9
Aired December 1, 1995

The Last Temptation of Cory

Now that Cory and Topanga are dating, other girls seem a lot more interested in Cory and he's happy to enjoy the attention. However, things get out of hand when another girl kisses him.

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Guest Stars: Elisabeth harnois as Missy Robinson, Andrew Magarian as Bagwell, Lindsey McKeon as Libby Harper, Brittany Murphy as Trini, Gil Stratton as TV Announcer

Written by: Susan Meyers, Judy Toll

Directed by: David Trainer

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Quotes (7)

Cory: Missy Robinson, you're trying to seduce me.

Cory: Well, I was born in Jefferson Hospital. They tell me it was drizzling that day. I loved my blue blankie.

Cory: And then in the fourth grade, the first day of gym I found out the awful truth. I have flat feet, but Ms. Byfie assured me I'll lead a normal and healthy life.

Eric: That man is going to be paying for my college intuition.

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