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City Slackers Boy Meets World - Season 3, Episode 11
Aired January 5, 1996

City Slackers

Cory and Shawn sneak off to enjoy the weekend unsupervised in Mr. Feeny's mountain cabin. When Mr. Feeny arrives at the cabin, the boys learn more about their teacher. Meanwhile, Eric challenges Frankie at pool to impress a girl.

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Guest Stars: Julie Benz as Bianca, Troy Evans as Ranger Mark, Blake Soper as Joey Epstein, Ethan Suplee as Frankie Stechino

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Quotes (13)

Cory: Feeny's not a bad guy. I mean, you know the British, a little stiff but once you get beneath the surface-
Shawn: They're still more Feeny.

Eric: That's right. This year I might be Class Victorian.

Shawn: Mr. Feeny, you've got no right trespassing on your own property.

Cory: We're studying, Mr. Feeny.
Shawn: See, my history book is right here.
Mr. Feeny: Still in its original cellophane, I see.
Shawn: Uh-huh. I get top dollar on the resale.
Mr. Feeny: You know, Mr. Hunter, I've noticed that the students who do best in my class have usually read the book.
Shawn: Yeah, what's that get 'em?
Mr. Feeny: Into college.
Shawn: More books.

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