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A Kiss Is More Than a Kiss Boy Meets World - Season 3, Episode 14
Aired January 26, 1996

A Kiss Is More Than a Kiss

At Shawn's insistence, Cory tries to re-enter the dating world, but he is still hung up on Topanga. Things get worse for Cory when he sees her kissing another guy.

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Guest Stars: Anndi McAfee as Melissa, Adena Panella as Katie, Sadie Kratzig as Felicia, Shane West as Nick

Written by: Michael Swerdlick

Directed by: John Tracy

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Quotes (9)

Morgan: So, rumor upstairs is that you've got a date.
Cory: Morgan, long time no see.
Morgan: Yeah, that was the longest time out I've ever had.

Morgan: I just got here. I have to leave again?
Amy: Well, Cory has to talk with Eric.
Morgan: Yeah, sure. Cory talks to Eric. Cory talks to Shawn. Cory talks to mom and dad. When does Cory ever talk to Morgan?
Amy: Are you here now?
Morgan: Yeah.
Amy: Were you here before?
Morgan: No. I was in my room for a real long time.

Cory: Maybe I'm dreaming. Pinch me! ... Not on the butt.
Shawn: Sorry, it was just right there.

Mr. Feeny: But seriously, Eric, Boris College?
Eric: You think that's bad, you see that girl over there? She thinks she's going to some school called Duke. You gonna tell her or should I?

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