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Stormy Weather Boy Meets World - Season 3, Episode 16
Aired February 9, 1996

Stormy Weather

Eric starts an internship at a TV station, but the work soon starts to affect his schooling. Meanwhile, things heat up between Mr. Turner and Dana's mom, much to the horror of Shawn and Dana.

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Guest Stars: Rosalind Allen as Susan, Matt Kirkwood as Stage Manager, Brandon Maggart as Pat, John O'Hurley as Cal, Larisa Oleynik as Dana Pruitt

Written by: Jeff Menell, Susan Meyers

Directed by: Jeff McCracken

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Quotes (9)

Cory: Wait, I learned about potty training from a sportscaster? Oh, that's just wrong.

Mr. Turner: What's her number?
Shawn: 1-800-Take a cold shower.

Eric: Come on little bro, you can walk, can't you?
Cory: In this blizzard? Oh sure, I'll just tredge all the way to school, freeze my butt of, and go through life buttless.
Eric: Good deal.

Dana's mom: We have something to tell you. Sit.
Dana: Oh, no.
Shawn: We're sisters!
Mr. Turner: Hold it. Nobody's nobody's sister.

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