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I Ain't Gonna Spray Lettuce No More Boy Meets World - Season 4, Episode 3
Aired October 4, 1996

I Ain't Gonna Spray Lettuce No More

Alan gets a meeting to ask his boss for a raise, but instead quits his job without first consulting Amy. Meanwhile, fearing for his financial security, Shawn teaches Cory how to handle being poor.

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Guest Stars: Dick O'Neill as Mr. Kimball, George Wyner as Frank

Written by: Mark Blutman, Howard Busgang

Directed by: Jeff McCracken

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Quotes (12)

Mr. Feeny: Eighteen dollars for socks? Come on, man!
Store owner: They are thermal, they are double layered and they are fully moisture proof.
Mr. Feeny: They are eighteen dollars and they are socks. I'm a teacher, not a heart surgeon.

Alan: One day I hope to open my own business. Then Eric can come work for me.
Eric: Hear that? I'm gonna be responsible for the well-being of this family.
Cory: Bye-bye house.

Cory: You sure there's nothing to worry about?
Shawn: Cory, it's shampoo. They only test it on humans to say they don't test it on animals.

Eric: This weekend the Matthews men are attending the Be Your Own Boss Franchise Opportunity Exposition Extravaganza at the airport Comfort Inn.
Mr. Feeny: Where dreams are born.

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