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Shallow Boy Boy Meets World - Season 4, Episode 5
Aired October 18, 1996

Shallow Boy

Eric starts dating a cheerful musician, but her perky attitude soon wears thin so he dumps her. Eric unexpectedly finds himself cast as the villain in her hit single, "Shallow Boy". Meanwhile, Topanga and Cory have a disagreement over their parenting styles after Topanga takes a babysitting job.

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Guest Stars: Leisha Hailey as Corinna, Devon O'Brien as Mrs. Epperson, Jonathan Osser as Billy Epperson, Zack Phifer as Mr. Epperson

Written by: Jeff Sherman

Directed by: Jeff McCracken

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Quotes (10)

Billy: At least let me watch my favorite show, it's on right now.
Topanga: But it's nine-thirty, I know you don't stay up past nine.
Billy: It used to be on at eight-thirty but this year they moved to nine-thirty. Those idiots.
Cory: Wait a minute, they moved that show to nine-thirty? Why?
Billy: No one knows.
Cory: Well was it doing badly at eight-thirty?
Billy: No.
Cory: Well why didn't they leave it alone?
Billy: They're trying to kill it. They're trying to kill it.
Cory: Oh, those are bad, bad people.

Amy: Mostly you learn from experience. I mean your dad and I weren't prepared in advance. But we did the best we could and we ended up raising three wonderful, well adjusted children.
Eric: Now I'm a maladjusted, woman-hating, loser freak.
Amy: Okay, two.

Billy: Hey, Cory. You're missing a real funny one. The curly headed kid keeps digging himself in deeper and deeper.
Cory: Love that kid. He is such a doof.

Topanga: You think this is funny?
Cory: No, mistress Topanga, I think this is the opposite of funny. I think it's wood.

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