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Singled Out Boy Meets World - Season 4, Episode 7
Aired November 1, 1996

Singled Out

Eric is fed of up dating townies so he pretends to be a Harvard student to get a place on MTV's Singled Out. Meanwhile, Cory is in hospital to have his tonsils taken out.

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Guest Stars: Gail Boggs as Nurse, Jennifer Leigh Edwards as Contestant #2, Jon Ernst as Himself, Leah Fisher as Contestant #1, Bridget Flanery as Lisa, Chris Hardwick as Himself, John O'Hurley as Grant, Karen Lynn Scott as Donna

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  • This episode features the very first Feeny Call.

Quotes (14)

Cory: Thank you for coming. Now, I don't have much time. I need to make peace with you.
Amy: Sedative.
Mr. Feeny: Ah! Well, all is forgiven, Mr. Matthews.
Cory: I wish it was that simple. I've done a lot of bad to you over the years. I want to make things right between us.
Mr. Feeny: You're making me very uncomfortable.
Cory: Ah, for once, just listen to me, man. In the classroom under my desk is a key. The key will open airport locker B-378. In the locker is a tattered plaid valise. In the valise, you will find all my homework. For five years.
You see, all these years I've understood everything. I'm actually a brilliant student.
Mr. Feeny: What is the capital of Montana?
Cory: You're not going to the airport, are you?
Mr. Feeny: No.

Cory: Feeny.
Mr. Feeny: I'm here, Mr. Matthews.
Cory: Closer.
Mr. Feeny: I'm close enough.

Cory: I'll have the soup. What are you going to have, King Louis?

Shawn: I'm sorry, Topanga. I've got some serious problems with doctors and I don't think I have to explain why.
Topanga: Explain why.
Shawn: Fine. Last night I'm flipping through the channels, right, and I'm watching CNN.
Cory: You're watching CNN?
Shawn: Well, yeah, they suckered me in with this story about cake. But then they did this expose on a fifteen-year-old boy, went to the hospital for a routine procedure, and vanished.

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