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An Affair to Forget Boy Meets World - Season 4, Episode 11
Aired November 29, 1996

An Affair to Forget

When Shawn is dumped by his girlfriend, Cory starts badmouthing her around school. Hearing about this, Jennifer agrees to take Shawn on the condition he no longer sees Cory.

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Guest Stars: Kristanna Loken as Jennifer Bassett

Written by: Eileen O'Hare (Story), Jeff Sherman (Teleplay)

Directed by: Jeff McCracken

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Quotes (10)

Eric: I am now five again. Kindergarten. And I don't know which cubbie is mine.

Cory: "Eric Matthews. Look at me. Look at me. A one woman show."
Eric: Oh, yeah, "man". See for me this would be "man".

Cory: Have you looked at her?
Topanga: Okay, so she's pretty, she's tall, she drives a new red convertible. Oh heck, I'd go out with her.

Eric: It's about time you kids got home. It's almost eleven o'clock. I was worried sick. I had Feeny looking for you. I called the police.
Amy: Really?
Eric: No, didn't even know you left.

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