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Wheels Boy Meets World - Season 4, Episode 14
Aired January 17, 1997


It's Cory's sixteenth birthday and after passing his driver's exam, Cory wants to head out on the open road with his friends, but Alan has a hard time letting his soon go.

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Guest Stars: Ricki Dale as Marnie, Dan Lauria as Judge Lamb, Raymond O'Connor as Officer Dibble

Written by: Jeff Sherman

Directed by: Jeff McCracken

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Quotes (11)

Cory: Here, put these on.
Morgan: I don't want to wear boxing mittens. I don't know how they work.
Cory: They're not boxing mittens, they're boxing gloves. And they don't work, you just hit me!

Cory: It's my sword and I'm not sharing it.

Topanga: I'm not going with you guys to some R-rated movie.
Cory: Uh, Van Damme takes his shirt off.
Topanga: Auhooga!

Cory: Because tomorrow I got wheels. I am free and independent. Tomorrow I am a man!
Waitress: Who gets a clown burger?
Cory: (raises hand) I collect the little hats.

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