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A Long Walk to Pittsburgh (Part 1) Boy Meets World - Season 4, Episode 16
Aired February 7, 1997

A Long Walk to Pittsburgh (Part 1)

When Eric sees Shawn kiss Topanga on the cheek, he relays the news to Cory, who gets the wrong idea. Cory gets angry trying to find out the truth, only to eventually learn that Topanga is moving to Pittsburgh.

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Written by: Matthew Nelson

Directed by: Jeff McCracken

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Quotes (3)

Cory: I figure we get a couple of part-time jobs. We cut back on expenses and find an abandoned home in an upscale neighbourhood. No bugs. That's all I ask. No bugs.
Topanga: Cory.
Cory: Okay, one bug, but nothing with teeth.

Cory: So I would be correct in assuming that this wonderful meal is actually one of those condemned man, death row, last meal type of things? But that can't be because there's no cake. (Eric reveals cake) Deadman walking.

Cory: Knock Knock.
Shawn: Who's there?
Cory: You and Topanga together at Chubby's last night, Eric saw you.
Shawn: You and Topanga together at Chubby's last night, Eric saw you, who?

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