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A Long Walk to Pittsburgh (Part 2) Boy Meets World - Season 4, Episode 17
Aired February 14, 1997

A Long Walk to Pittsburgh (Part 2)

Cory struggles to deal with Topanga's move to Pittsburgh, but is overjoyed when she appears at his door. The couple still have the hard task of convincing their parents that they're in love and that Topanga should stay in Philadelphia. 

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Guest Stars: Olivia Hussey as Aunt Prudence Curtis, Katie Johnston as Rosie Sparrow, Emma Ridley as Becky Sparrow

Written by: Mark Blutman, Howard Busgang

Directed by: Jeff McCracken

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Quotes (8)

Prudence: Hello, I am Topanga's Aunt.
Eric: Okay, how's that possible? Because my aunt looks like an elephant.
Alan: That is my sister you're talking about.
Eric: She does, man.

Mr. Feeny: Madam, if you choose to question my opinions, then you disregard thirty-eight years in the public school system. Where I have borne the responsibility of those opinions for thirty-thousand students. None held in higher regard than Mr. Matthews and Ms. Lawrence.

Shawn: Okay, your hair's wet and you're wearing Cory's clothes. You ran away, didn't you? ... She gets that from me.

Cory: And so for the next six years I threw dirt at her. I like to call those the lost years.
Topanga: You were the one who made him throw dirt at me?
Eric: You were a girl, nuggie head.

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