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Quiz Show Boy Meets World - Season 4, Episode 19
Aired March 21, 1997

Quiz Show

When Cory and Shawn are drafted in as last-minute replacements for a dull educational game show, the producers sense they've got a hit in their minds if they dumb down the show.

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Guest Stars: Mark DeCarlo as Brett McInerny, Steven Gilborn as Arthur Kandib, PhD, Dawn Goodson as Amy Cayce, Phil Leeds as Milton, Nancy Lenehan as Susan Kalliback, Gina Mari as Kiki, Marcus Toji as Einstein Kid

Written by: Steve Hibbert

Directed by: Jeff McCracken

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Quotes (7)

Cory: Finally someone understands my particular genuis.

Mr. Feeny: I'm going to try to put this as kindly as possible. The show has turned into a circus and you three are driving the tiny car.

Mr. Feeny: The Champions of what, Mr. Matthews? Of a generation whose verbal and mathematical skills have sunk so low, when you have the highest level of technology at your fingertips. Guttenberg's generation thirsted for a new book every six months. Your generation gets a new webpage every six seconds. And how do you use this technology? To beat King Cooper and save the Princess. Shame on you. You deserve what you get.
* The bell rings *
Sit down. Stay where you are. For the first time, I choose to walk out on you.

Amy: Alan, I used to watch High School Quiz Show when I was a kid. I remember the contestants were all really smart.
Alan: Are you asking me why Cory is on the show?
Amy: Yeah.
Alan: George?
Mr. Feeny: We live in a random and chaotic universe.

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