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Brothers Boy Meets World - Season 5, Episode 1
Aired October 3, 1997


When Eric moves back home, Cory vows to find him a place to live. When Cory finds the ideal room-mate for Eric, he's surprised to find it's Shawn's half-brother, Jack.

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Guest Stars: Blake Clark as Chet Hunter, Glenn Hirsch as Delivery man, Loralyn Peterson as Miss Valentine, Harmony Smith as Teacher

Written by: Matthew Nelson

Directed by: Alan Myerson

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Quotes (9)

Eric: First day of college and I got no place to live. I show up at the dorm and I say excuse me, ding ding, front please. Eric Matthews, I go here, where's my towel, where's my room? They tell me I'm not on the list. Like there's a list!

Amy: Sometimes you scare me. I mean how are you supposed to do well in college if you can't even fill out the housing application?
Eric: Oh, it's worse than that. Checked the wrong box on some other form, now they think I'm an Eskimo.

Cory: Then he insists on something with an ocean view so he can relax his nerves.
Topanga: An ocean view sounds nice.
Cory: We live in Philadelphia!

Cory: Eric, what are you doing to me? We had a deal. You and Jack are so perfect for each other you should be married!
Eric: I'm not ready.

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