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Boy Meets Real World Boy Meets World - Season 5, Episode 2
Aired October 10, 1997

Boy Meets Real World

For his video assignment, Cory films Jack, Shawn and Eric in a similar vein to MTV's The Real World. However, when Jack and Shawn's relationship deteriorates, Cory may be letting his role as a film-maker get in the way of his responsibility as a friend.

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Guest Stars: Blake Clark as Chet Hunter, Ryan Gesell as Larry, Meghann Haldeman as Wendy, Trina McGee-Davis as Angela

Written by: Sally Stiner, Bob Tischler

Directed by: Alan Myerson

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Quotes (8)

Angela: No offense, Cory, but this looks like you just ripped off that show on MTV, the Real World.
Cory: I have no knowledge of this Real World of which you speak. My Real World is the real Real World.

Shawn: You go too far. You have five minutes of me in the shower. You can't use that.
Cory: It's for the European version. If I don't get in to NYU, it's for Sweden-Y-U.

Cory: Mr. Feeny, you really believe I made a good film?
Mr. Feeny: No. I think The Graduate was a good film.

Eric: And I went and I bought Cory a hot dog. Man he was so happy, he smiled and then I smiled because I felt good. You know I did the right thing. I was a good older brother. He started giggling and reached his little hand out for that hot dog. And took a foul ball right smack dab in the head, knocked him unconscious. Cory doesn't giggle any more.

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