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Fraternity Row Boy Meets World - Season 5, Episode 4
Aired October 24, 1997

Fraternity Row

When Shawn starts attending college classes instead of school, he gets suspended. Meanwhile, Eric and Jack try to make friends on campus by forming their own fraternity.

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Guest Stars: Nicki Lynn Aycox as Jennifer, Julius Carry as Professer Michaels, Leslie Danon as Lisa, Paul Gleason as Dean Borak, Bernie Kopell as Himself, Ted Lange as Himself

Written by: Andy Guerdat

Directed by: Alan Myerson

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Quotes (9)

Cory: How do you spell Shawn?
Topanga: You don't know how to spell your best friend's name?
Cory: We're phone people. Is it S-h-a-w-n or S-h-a-u-n?

Eric: I paid $200 for this dress and I'm never gonna get to wear it again.

Jack: Please tell me you were just trying to get out of a traffic ticket.
Eric: Will you stop? I passed by the Gamma Epsilon fraternity. There was a big party. All the girls were there, so I pledged.
Jack: Yeah, but doesn't that make you feel, like, humiliated, man?
Eric: Yes, it does. I paid $200 for this dress. I'm never going to get to wear it again.

Mr. Feeny: Now, who can tell me what's wrong with that sentence?
Topanga: I can.
Mr. Feeny: I know, Miss Lawrence, but you're already 10 for 10.
Oh, why don't we try Mr. Matthews?
Topanga: Mmm, he won't know this one.
Mr. Feeny: Mr. Matthews?
Cory: She's 11 for 11.

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